hypnotic meditation line makes you vote dave dowling
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CTV.ca News Staff http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070329/bees_ccd_070329/20070329?hub=SciTech

Bees are vanishing across the United States, leaving empty colonies behind and putting honey production in jeopardy — and nobody knows why.

California beekeeper David Bradshaw said he’s trying not to dwell on the fact that half his bees are gone.

“I’d be an emotional mess if I just kept thinking about the bees dying,” he told CTV News.

Experts gathered in Washington Thursday at a House Agriculture Subcommittee, describing the mysterious threat as “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD).

The remains of dead bees usually remain inside a hive, unless worker bees carry their bodies them out. But colonies affected by CCD show no signs of the ailment, aside from a notable absence of mature bees.

It’s possible the affected bees abandon the hive before dying, but scientists have yet to understand why or how.

In the past six months, U.S. beekeepers estimate they have lost between 50 and 90 per cent of their honeybees. One colony can have 60,000 bees in the summer, and that number drops to about 20,000 in the winter.

The condition of Canada’s bees is not fully known, but the U.S. Congress was told it’s likely Canadian hives likely share a similar fate.

“Recently, we have reports out of Canada that they have the exact same symptoms and collapses ongoing there,” said Diana Cox-Foster, a professor of entomology with the Pennsylvania State University.

Scientists, beekeepers and officials started a CCD group in December 2006 to examine the cause of the disorder, and hopefully find a cure.

Not only are bees crucial to the agriculture industry in the production of honey, they also work as pollinators. Roughly 75 per cent of flowering plants require pollinators to bear fruit, including crops that produce the resources needed for drugs and fuel.

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hypnotic meditation line makes you vote dave dowling

75% of flowering plants need bees to bear fruit!
That is a lot of plants, trees, shrubs and such.
and of course, the Mayor of Edmonton probably has no plan whatsoever to do anything about such a disasterous problem. It looks as if all the research into this environmental disaster is all being done in foreign countries, where they sort of laugh at places like Edmonton that have such a disaster approaching and are doing absolutely less than nothing about it.

Less than nothing is the Mayor getting a raise, a raise of $13,000 Dollars, that is $13,000 that could have gone towards solving this coming environmental disaster.

There is a supposed University of Alberta here in Edmonton, and the Mayor could have made sure, they are studying this problem, but has he? Probably not, because In My Opinion the current Mayor of Edmonton, cares more about the money, than about the bees and flowers. He could have made sure they have a bee room with bees and flowers and such, but has he? the Current Mayor of edmonton could have gotten Bryan Anderson or someone on council to look into this problem, but has he? Probably not is my opinion.
No bees means the price of all foods goes way up, like guzzoline prices are doing. Guzzoline prices seam to be another problem the current Mayor of Edmonton is diong less than nothing about. Less than nothing is flying off to England for a vacation, while the price of guzzoline goes up , up and up for the edmonton driver driving to work, so they can pay the overtaxed voters bill of exhorbant property taxes, that are only going up thanks to programs like $13,000 dollar wage increases for the current Mayor of Edmonton. As I have pointed out, those $13,000 wages increases for the mayor, and the increase in the office budget for the mayor of Edmonton and the increase in the guzzoline allowance for the current mayor of Edmonton do less than nothing for problems like dying bees. Less than nohting is taking monies away from such things, when the current Mayor of edmonton already gets almost $200,000 a year in excessive wages. Other Mayors of other towns in Alberta get less than $5,000 in wages.

Leadership in Edmonton: the overtaxed voter can have one that DEMANDS the $13,000 raises and worries about where to spend them or Edmonton can have one that worries about the real issues and thier solutions, and DEMANDS wage cuts.
Bees and flowers, two more of the infinite number of reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!