April 2007


shows that
Ben Henderson will be standing up to be an Edmonton City councilor in ward 4
and to quote from the web site of Mr. Henderson:

“We will launch the Elect Ben campaign with the Second Annual First BBQ of the Season to be held Sunday April 29th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Rossdale Community Hall, 10135 – 96 Avenue. Food and drinks will be provided. There will be door prizes, a silent auction, and a 50-50 draw.”


Yes Potmonton, because of the holy pot holed roads that look to be imported from a fourth world place like Florida, where there is no democracy.
Potmonton the vidio is available Free at the following link:


Click this link to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbNyH9hfiUs the museum pice of horror vidio! It just might win some awards at the Oscars!
In Edmonton there is a shockingly bad horror waiting to kill someone. . .
Lightning ready to strike!
Kinsmen park, by the high level bridge, where John Walters once lived has the John Walters museum.
And there, there where children play is the dastardly John walters museum, with the last ferry boat or ferry launch in Edmonton
rotting away.
Big rusty nails sticking up waiting to injure someone bad. Huge rusty spikes waiting to impale someone perhaps to death!
And a large hole in the millde of that rotting ferry where sasquatchs may raise thier young!
And this last ferry to ferry people across the river in Edmonton has been like this for. . . . years!

The Scamdel of Edmonton could have done something about this piece of Edmonton history that has turned into a rotted festering eyesore waiting to injure, maim or kill someone, but the Scamdel of Edmonton has done absolutely nothing about this horror shop of museums owned and operated by the city of Edmonton, capital of the vast Nation of Alberta.

The three old houses at the John Walters museum are rather interesting, as is the busted statue that has only the base left.

WARNING!!!! Do not take your children within 40 meters of this rusty nails everywhere museum piece that makes the whole John Walters Museum look like something from a fourth world country.

It is beyond sad that this Museum has let this last piece of early Edmonton history deteriorate into a rusty nuclear spike bomb waiting to injure, main and posion someone.. . .

Perhaps something will be done as this is an election year and I Dave Dowling am making an issue of it. For every one of those rusty nails and impaling pieces of old lumber are many of the infinite number of reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor Edmonton.

Oh, my. . goodness! $ 33 Billion taxed dollars! It is a whoppingly large increase from the last budget, no matter if it is 10% or 17%. . .
And In My Opinion that 10% or 17 % should have gone towards the people of Alberta in the form of rebate checks. . .

After all it is the peoples money, not the governments.

The horrors , the shame, the financial shambles of no tax cuts, no dropping of user fees, no lowering of mla’s wages, no money for cities for snow removal. no real leadership showen on how to budget, or how to wisely spend or return yours and my money.

The paultry sum for the housing and rental crisis in this province would only build somewhere between one half and one whole or so highrise. . .

And that is not going to solve the problems people are facing when looking for a place to live. It looks as if Homeless Edmontonians will have to look to the riverbanks and tents once again.

And it looks as if there is less nothing for those on social assistance. Less than nothing is inflation eating away at the needies social assistance check so much that the cardboard box that the breakfast cereal comes in starts looking like T Bone steak. Nothing for bus passes for the poor of Edmonton, nothing for the winter clothes for the poor of Edmonton. $33 Billion in a provincial budget, almost 2 Billion in a civic budget, and there is homeless in Edmonton? How Scamdelous that truly is. . .

33 Billion, and nary a tax cut anywhere! It looks like the winner of this Budget is big business which will reap many billions of profit with all that money going towards all those capital white elephant projects outside of Edmonton.

Did anyone actually elected Ed “whats his name” to be premier of the mighty Nation of Alberta? Why isn’t the Mayor of Edmonton having a inquiery into this? Where is Edmontons fair share of this provincial budget? A squakingly small point of a poorcent? that’s it? how sad. Why isn’t the Mayor of Edmonton launching a class action discrimination law suit over this?

And who, who gave him(Ed) the right to squander all these billions of mine and yours, the way it is definately been squandered?

In My Opinion there shoiuld be federal laws or provincial laws that make sure surpluses go back to the people in the form of rebate checks, or to the cities to help the poor or to fix roads. With a mandatory rebate check when there is a surplus, everyone in the province would prosper when the excellent Nation of Alberta enjoys prosperity though budgetary surpluses.
I believe this would be a better way, than just letting a few construction companies outside of Edmonton, that probably donate to certain political parties enjoy the benifits of budgetary surpluses. .

And the Scamdel of Potmonton, where was here when this Budget was delievered? It looks as if every city, and town in the province is getting more for road repair than the Capital of the Nation of Alberta is getting. Why wasn’t the Current Mayor of Edmonton there making sure Edmonton got 4 or 5 Billion for the roads here?
Tens of Billions spent all over the Nation of Alberta, except in Edmonton. . .

And all of that spending is just many more of the infinite number of reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

Yes, Potholemonton should be the name of Edmonton and probably is here and there on blogs and web pages around the net.
Sadley I would have to agree. . .
for there I was last week, driving all around Edmonton, swerving around rim wrechkers going here and swerving to avoid frame twisters there, and all the while, I was looking for a pot hole free stretch of road.
But I did not find one block of road without a pot hole on it!
Yes, it is nice that city council and the Mayor can find almost 2 million for the SPCA, and 10 or 20 million for a pedesdrian bridge in the west end, so the west enders can have access to the riverwaters, so they can drink those raw river waters and quench their thirst for democracy forevermore.
And The Mayor found $13,000 for his raise, and dam near $100,000 for the councilors raises, and one million dollars for the Mayors office budget. . . And there was money for the Mayor to fly off to vacation never never land in Europe. . .

But the vehicle wrecking pot holes of Potholemonton get less than nothing.
Less than nothing is Potholemonton, there is so many.
Edmonton may be on track to winning the worst roads anywere awards at the Oscars, the UN, and over at noble headquarters.

I have heard some rumors on how those pot holes are actually speeding deterrents for the poor who can not afford front end alinements every other day, and frame straightenings like rich mayors and rich councilors speeding to work can afford.

The gap between the rich and poor getting worse in Edmonton, and the wretched pot holed roads of potholmonton are all the proof one needs that Voting dave Dowling this October for Mayor of Edmonton is the best thing anyone could ever do for the city Named Edmonton.

Where is the money
wrote a very interesting report on how the Mayor and coucil are doiong less than nothing. for
to quote from the article:

“. . . The Edmonton Social Planning Council (ESPC), which has compiled a 97-page publication examining the city’s social health – including living costs and housing, and income and wealth – has found evidence of growing inequality despite the booming economy.

“The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is getting squeezed out,” said John Kolkman, research and policy analysis co-ordinator with the ESPC, which released Tracking the Trends yesterday. . . . ”

Yes, less than nothing is the Mayor of Edmonton accepting the outragous raise of $13,000 dollars on top of the Scamdelous 150,000 or so dollar wage! In fact that is just making the gap between rich and por worse in this city.

at the same paper shows that the Mayor who has been on council a very long six years considers doing nothign at all the best thing for snow removal!
Unbelievable isn’t it?
in the article Scamdel is quoted as saying “”I’m not convinced that’s the best way to do it,” Scamdel told Sun Media, suggesting it would be worth considering using the money to buy more snow-removal equipment. ”

My gawd, why didn’t he think about this six long years ago, when he first was on city council. Oh, that’s right, it is an election year! Yes, six long years ago, he could have asked that the city budget more for snow removal. . . but he did not. Six long years ago, he could have budgeted more for snow removal equipment. . . but did not. six long years ago, he could have budgeted more for snow removal equipment retainers. . . but did not.

Yes, hundreds of thousands on city floats. . so the float people can tour the country seams more important that pot hole repairs.

If Edmonton wanted recognition as a world class city, perhaps fix the streets, so people driving on them do not think they are in a fourth world city, instead of a first world city like they should feel they are driving on.
Edmonton, this October Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

Where is the money

Has an article by Mr. Caspar showing how the average mid point wage for the average Edmontonian is only “$24,400” acording to the article!
Yet the mayor of Edmonton makes far far more than that! Now according to the article by Mr. Caspar and her eI will quote from the article;

“. . . the $150,000 or more category, we’re down to just 1.3 percent of income recipients.
People with 2004 incomes of $200,000 or more were a rounding error: only 0.7 percent made $200,000 or more. And you can be 99.5 percent sure that any randomly selected Canadian earned less than $250,000. . . . ”

well with the perks, privleges, tax free monies, exhorbant pensions, Scamdelous expense accounts, the Mayor of Edmonton makes in wages what only 1.3 to .7 poorcent of the population make for a wage!

Other mayors of other Alberta towns do not make such outragous verging on Scamdelous wages like the Mayor of Edmontons wages are.
And the current Mayor of Edmonton has been on council a very long long six years, and he has done less than nothing about it. Less than nohting is letting those wages increase, increase, increase to what Kings and Queens make! Oh , the horror, Edmonton, the shame, Edmontonians, and the media, the media do nothing about it! such horrors that the media in Edmonton is turning in a 1950ish version of pravda, that never questions the wrongdoings of governments. Oh the nightmareish state of affairs in medialand today.
Major media that just bow and grovel at the governments feet, asking what thye are allowed to proint or brodcast today. Where is the freedom of the press? What happened to the reportor being able to report?

Wages of elected officials climbing beyond reasonable and into the realm of high piratesee! Phone up other cities, ask what the mayor of Lacombe gets for a wage, or the Mayor of: Rocky mountain house, Jasper, Edson, Stettler, Athabasca, slave lake, Bruderheim, Ft Sask, Gibbions, Vegerville, Two hills, Barrhead, St Paul, Pincher
creek, Bowden, or the slew of other towns and cities in Alberta, and I would noone of them, not one, is pillage from the pockets of the overtaxed voter for wages, what the Mayor of Edmonton is pillaging for wages, raises, and fat cat expense accounts. And I would imagine a majority of them would say they work just as hard at their job as the Mayor of Edmonton dosent work at his!

Why? Why does the Mayor of Edmonton believe he is more equal than other mayors of other towns and cities? Why are the Mayor of Edmonton’s wages somewhere aaround thirty times what a welfare recipent gets in Edmonton,and why are the Mayor of Edmonton’s wages only comparable to what a photo radar corporate owners gets in wages? Why?Why is a word that is one of the many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

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