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“The northern Manitoba town of Leaf Rapids is now officially Canada’s first community to ban single-use plastic bags. . . . ”

the article goes on to say

“I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the unsightly scene of those bags,” town administrator Bond Ryan told Canada AM on Monday. “I agreed and thought we could do something in our community to reduce the use of those bags and to make it a prettier place.”

Ryan says the law will benefit the environment because the bags will be kept out of landfill. He also said the town’s reputation as an international fishing destination will be protected.

Stores that persist in distributing the bags will face hefty fines.

“If the store continues to give them out it will be $1,000 a day,” said Ryan. . . . ”

Isn’t it just plain amazing that the Town of Leaf Rapids is settting the environmental standard for the rest of Canada to follow. I have a feeling thier Mayor gets way less in wages than the overpaid Mayor of Edmonton! And I would probably bet the family farm that they clean the snow off the streets in Leaf Rapids for far cheeper than the overpriced mayor of Edmonton pays to get the snow off the streets of Edmonton in Winter.

I wonder if there is potholes in the roads of Leaf Rapids?

I also wonder why the Mayor of Edmonton is not setting the environmental standards for other cities to follow? Perhaps it is because some Mayors are leaders, and other Mayors. . . are just overpriced, overfed, overvacationed pirates out to loot whatever they can from the overtaxed voters pockets, like $13,000 raises!. That $13,000 is the raise, not the wage. the wage would be comparable to the wages of a corporate pirate that owns photo radar machines that double-tax the overtaxed voter with excessive fees.

Way to go Leaf Rapids, Manitoba! Hopefully the city of Edmonton, where the question of who is the Mayor of Edmonton will be answered this fall, when the people of Edmonton Vote on whose is your Mayor of Edmonton, will someday follow the leadership of Leaf Rapids Manitoba and ban those landfilling scabs, named plastic bags. .

Edmonton: you can vote for the pirates that want those $13,000 raises, or you can vote for Dave Dowling who will cut that Mayors pillaging to what a person on social assistance gets. . . .