No Pirates in politics please

Has a rather exsquisite rant, by Mr. Diotte on the horrid wretched vehicle wrecking potholes of Edmonton, where winkey the 3 eyed parrot may of been born!
3 eyed parrot says “Vote Dave DOwling”
Not only is Mr. Diotte’s article truthful,. blunt and to the point, on the wretched potholes of Edmonton, it is also worthy of an award of prose well written In My Opinion.

In My Opinion some of those potholes are beyond being a pot hole, they are portals to the neither reigon of the vehicle afterlife. I would not be surprized if some of those potholes were killer pot holes responsible for life taking traffic accidents. . .
I’ve seen whales and dolphins in some of them! the other day I saw a 18 wheeler come out of one, and 5 people jumped out the back of that 18 wheeler, and started selling bolts of silk!, when I peered at the licence plate, it was written in chinese! another was so deep , I saw an evil red glow near the bottom of it and them got away quick as I am sure I saw a red colored thing with pointy horns and a tail! It was screeching something that sounded like “$13,000, he’s mine now HaaaaaAAAaa!” Now I know some of them pot holes are huge beyond belief, and that they would make good homes they are so huge, but I will alway say it is wrong for city council and the mayor of Edmonton to even think they are a place to stack the homeless of Edmonton. . .

and now, here is the real sad part of this tale of greif and woe and horror beyond belief. . .
according to mr. Kerry Diotte’s article which I linked to above, and here I will quote from that article: “As you know, the city spends a mere $3.4 million annually filling these road hazards. ”

only $ 3.4 million! I bet they already spent it fixing the odd alley pot hole here and there!
Prirate captin Scamdel and the 12 first and second swabs between the unholy 13 (Mayor and council of Edmonton) of them get more in wages, perks and privledges than what is spent on fixing potholes!
Oh My God! the Scamdeling in that, the horror of it, the brutal robbing of the overtaxed voter for pillaged funds that could have been spent on fixing the ruined streets of Edmonton!
what a Sham! What a non democratic thing to have happen!

Mayors in other towns get far far less than what the current mayor of Edmonton pillages in wages every year from the pockets of the overtaxed voter! Mayors in other towns do not even get what his raise alone is worth! Oh Yes, it is very true, in a majority of towns in Alberta, most mayors get UNDER $13,000 dollars in wages. . .

So as the Mayor of Edmonton wonders where to spend all that extra $13,000 dollars of loot this year, the rest of Edmonton can wonder if the repair bill from those car wreching pot holes for thier vehicle will be over or under $13,000 dollars this year.

I bet there will be an emergency pot hole tax coming, and more taxes for snow removal and the mayors and councils future wage raises, as this is an election year. For every one of those pot holes is another of the infinite number of reasons to vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!