It looks as if the Pirate captin and the 12 first and second swabs are all drooling over the overtaxed dollars that will be wrung from the Edmonton voters pockets for a new fangled 3 eyed bridge to go over the river, so the people in the west end have easy access to the river waters so they can drink and quench their thirst for democracy. . . forevermore! Yes, the new fangled 3 eyed bridge and its jewel encrusted paths will of course probably cost the over taxed voters of Edmonton 1/10 of a forest in the construction process, and untold millions of dollars. Millions that could have been better spent.

But the current pirate captin and the 12 first and second swabs like spending the overtaxed voters millions on three eyed wonders. 3 eyed wonders like the cracking and soon to be very expensive to repair churchhill parks fiasco. Or the other 3 eyed wonder that destroyed a second growth forest, the 3 eyed park next to the convention center! there one can view the million dollar gazebo or what ever it is. Or the million dollar lawn next to the three eyed gazebo in the 3 eyed park!
3 eyed parrot says “Vote Dave DOwling”
3 eyed wonders , like 3 eyed parrots and 3 eyed parks are far more interesting in prose than the dinosaur white elephants, and I never heard of pirates wanting 3 eyed elephants, but three eyed parrots, they will spend Billions to create! Just ask the overtaxed voter who this is written for, unlike the media which seams to write to the tune of 3 eyed wonder seeking pirates! Pirates like 3 eyed wonders, for they get to write pirate names upon those 3 eyed wonders that live forevermore! After all in Pirate Yore, it is all about how much one takes with them on that final pillaging to the Kraken Gods Treasure chest! ArrrrRRR, all good pirates try to pillage that treasure chest! thats what pirateering is all about.

Yes, Council wants to pillage and plunder another Billion or two this year and next year Edmonton, so you better get down on your knees, open up your pockets and say ArrrrrRRRR in a loud voice like a good fifth rower does, when the first or second swabs right hand matie says “ArrRRRR Fifth rower, rowing for ‘is life! give me whats in your pockets, we got a bridge to sell, or you can dip your there balls in this pot of red hot lava!” And thats the real reason behind the property tax assassments, and why you row for your life to pay those taxes, because there is too many pirates in government that put the fear tin the overtaxed voter who fears pots of red of lava between there legs, moving in an upwards direction! (Sarcasm swithc on) Yes, those new taxes, will help the sun shine to remove the snow off the new bridge, probably named the scamdel bridge! And that is a good thing for then, then the new sun shine will shine upon the potholes on the new bridge that will need new taxes to repair them. With pirates taxes only go up for 3 eyed wonders like winkey the three (3) eyed parrot, and winkeys new home, the 3 eyed bridge, where the dreaded kraken is rumored to dwell under, ready to gobble up the pirates billions, so the kraken can fart and spew those billions back to the overtaxed voter in the form of lowered taxes! SO the rumormongering goes, here and there on the web.
No Pirates in politics please
So get down, pay up and Remember to go to the polls and Vote Dave DOwling this fall to help stop the piratecy of Edmonton, Edmontonians. For that is something even Winkey the 3 eyed parrot would tell you! And if your not sure who Winkey the 3 eyed parrot is, then you are not an informed vote, and you better spend some more time reading here at this web site, that you probably will not hear about in the Major media unless Dave Dowling buys an add there. And that, that is call the hallowed impartiality of the media! :0 Just like the Media people, ar’n’t you glad such Hallowed things are there?