Would you take a Edmonton taxi
vehicledown to the river and drink that river water raw?
Yes, raw, untreated, downstream from the river, city water. Would you drink it every day? Morning noon and night to quench your thirst? Raw, unfiltered, non-boiled? Well if not, then I gues your not a (s)he animal of the jungle read to kill or be killed or run! No, most intelligent sentient beings know that brownish river water from the river running threw Edmonton should be filtered with a good filter, chemically treated, boiled, treated, filtered again, and then once cooled down, it’s almost fit for a mortal to drink.

A long time ago, one could drink it raw. But pirates out for the quest for greed got into government. Once that happened it was over for those things named clean river waters. For pirates in government let pirates in industry pollute everything in the quest for greed. Greed respects not the river waters, the airs or the foods that need such things to grow. Greed destroys clean river waters and turns them a color not wanted in river waters. From clean to brown , greed turns the airs, waters and lands. And once those are turned the color of greed, soon the people also turn the color of greed. unbridled greed destroys everything.

Like the way greedy pirate politicants turn the other cheek, when they raise taxes for their $13,000 raises! that cheek is usually the lower left cheek, so the overtaxed voter can kiss it with thousands of overtaxed dollars for greedy raises! After all it is only in a democracy where some Mayors are way way more equal than other Mayors in the province! And in way way more, I mean 20 times to 50 times what other Mayors in Alberta make for a wage. Heck, a $13, 000 raise that the Mayor of Edmonton engineered for himself is more than more Mayors in most towns in Alberta get.

And that is how waters are destroyed, when the Mayors and councilors vote themselves tens of thousands of dollars in raises every inflationary period or so. For all those millions and billions spent on Mayors and councilors wage raises only squanders monies that could have been better spent on keeping the airs clear, the waters clean and the lands green and good for all things that live. For once those waters are killed and turned from clean and clear to brown and yucky, then clear clean water can be bottled and sold for a profit! This is why governments let all to continue to pollute, for soon their friends in industry that donate will soon be selling everyone bottled air. Campaign adds on major media are expensive beyond belief!

What is needed on City council is less pirates. People willing and able to cut those pirate wages down to reasonable levels , like what someone on social assistance gets. Now there is a reasonable wage! All those wage savings could be put towards making sure river waters get cleaner, instead of browner.

Or one could start a savings spending formula like the following example:
a=pothole spending
b=snow cleaning
c= saving the environment
d= lowering taxes

So if the city council and Mayor saved X dollars by chopping thier wages, perks, privledges, expenses.
y(which should be zero)=X-a-b-c-d
if a=b and c=d and a/d=1
then equal amounts of $$ would be put into a,b,c and of course the all important d!
Everyone could use lower taxes!

Raw river water and lower taxes, two of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton this fall.