Where is the money

Has an article by Mr. Caspar showing how the average mid point wage for the average Edmontonian is only “$24,400” acording to the article!
Yet the mayor of Edmonton makes far far more than that! Now according to the article by Mr. Caspar and her eI will quote from the article;

“. . . the $150,000 or more category, we’re down to just 1.3 percent of income recipients.
People with 2004 incomes of $200,000 or more were a rounding error: only 0.7 percent made $200,000 or more. And you can be 99.5 percent sure that any randomly selected Canadian earned less than $250,000. . . . ”

well with the perks, privleges, tax free monies, exhorbant pensions, Scamdelous expense accounts, the Mayor of Edmonton makes in wages what only 1.3 to .7 poorcent of the population make for a wage!

Other mayors of other Alberta towns do not make such outragous verging on Scamdelous wages like the Mayor of Edmontons wages are.
And the current Mayor of Edmonton has been on council a very long long six years, and he has done less than nothing about it. Less than nohting is letting those wages increase, increase, increase to what Kings and Queens make! Oh , the horror, Edmonton, the shame, Edmontonians, and the media, the media do nothing about it! such horrors that the media in Edmonton is turning in a 1950ish version of pravda, that never questions the wrongdoings of governments. Oh the nightmareish state of affairs in medialand today.
Major media that just bow and grovel at the governments feet, asking what thye are allowed to proint or brodcast today. Where is the freedom of the press? What happened to the reportor being able to report?

Wages of elected officials climbing beyond reasonable and into the realm of high piratesee! Phone up other cities, ask what the mayor of Lacombe gets for a wage, or the Mayor of: Rocky mountain house, Jasper, Edson, Stettler, Athabasca, slave lake, Bruderheim, Ft Sask, Gibbions, Vegerville, Two hills, Barrhead, St Paul, Pincher
creek, Bowden, or the slew of other towns and cities in Alberta, and I would noone of them, not one, is pillage from the pockets of the overtaxed voter for wages, what the Mayor of Edmonton is pillaging for wages, raises, and fat cat expense accounts. And I would imagine a majority of them would say they work just as hard at their job as the Mayor of Edmonton dosent work at his!

Why? Why does the Mayor of Edmonton believe he is more equal than other mayors of other towns and cities? Why are the Mayor of Edmonton’s wages somewhere aaround thirty times what a welfare recipent gets in Edmonton,and why are the Mayor of Edmonton’s wages only comparable to what a photo radar corporate owners gets in wages? Why?Why is a word that is one of the many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!