Yes, Potholemonton should be the name of Edmonton and probably is here and there on blogs and web pages around the net.
Sadley I would have to agree. . .
for there I was last week, driving all around Edmonton, swerving around rim wrechkers going here and swerving to avoid frame twisters there, and all the while, I was looking for a pot hole free stretch of road.
But I did not find one block of road without a pot hole on it!
Yes, it is nice that city council and the Mayor can find almost 2 million for the SPCA, and 10 or 20 million for a pedesdrian bridge in the west end, so the west enders can have access to the riverwaters, so they can drink those raw river waters and quench their thirst for democracy forevermore.
And The Mayor found $13,000 for his raise, and dam near $100,000 for the councilors raises, and one million dollars for the Mayors office budget. . . And there was money for the Mayor to fly off to vacation never never land in Europe. . .

But the vehicle wrecking pot holes of Potholemonton get less than nothing.
Less than nothing is Potholemonton, there is so many.
Edmonton may be on track to winning the worst roads anywere awards at the Oscars, the UN, and over at noble headquarters.

I have heard some rumors on how those pot holes are actually speeding deterrents for the poor who can not afford front end alinements every other day, and frame straightenings like rich mayors and rich councilors speeding to work can afford.

The gap between the rich and poor getting worse in Edmonton, and the wretched pot holed roads of potholmonton are all the proof one needs that Voting dave Dowling this October for Mayor of Edmonton is the best thing anyone could ever do for the city Named Edmonton.