Click this link to watch the museum pice of horror vidio! It just might win some awards at the Oscars!
In Edmonton there is a shockingly bad horror waiting to kill someone. . .
Lightning ready to strike!
Kinsmen park, by the high level bridge, where John Walters once lived has the John Walters museum.
And there, there where children play is the dastardly John walters museum, with the last ferry boat or ferry launch in Edmonton
rotting away.
Big rusty nails sticking up waiting to injure someone bad. Huge rusty spikes waiting to impale someone perhaps to death!
And a large hole in the millde of that rotting ferry where sasquatchs may raise thier young!
And this last ferry to ferry people across the river in Edmonton has been like this for. . . . years!

The Scamdel of Edmonton could have done something about this piece of Edmonton history that has turned into a rotted festering eyesore waiting to injure, maim or kill someone, but the Scamdel of Edmonton has done absolutely nothing about this horror shop of museums owned and operated by the city of Edmonton, capital of the vast Nation of Alberta.

The three old houses at the John Walters museum are rather interesting, as is the busted statue that has only the base left.

WARNING!!!! Do not take your children within 40 meters of this rusty nails everywhere museum piece that makes the whole John Walters Museum look like something from a fourth world country.

It is beyond sad that this Museum has let this last piece of early Edmonton history deteriorate into a rusty nuclear spike bomb waiting to injure, main and posion someone.. . .

Perhaps something will be done as this is an election year and I Dave Dowling am making an issue of it. For every one of those rusty nails and impaling pieces of old lumber are many of the infinite number of reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor Edmonton.