May 2007

runmor mongering has it that there just may be a strike at the bottle returning plant. . .

contracts are been negotiated, and of course, big bottlers will not want to pay a real wage to the recyclers.

Even though the big pop companies make millions upon millions from those cans and bottles that are not returned.

The recyling fee is one of the largest scams ever forced upon the consumer.

none of the money goes towards saving the planet.

approx 15 % of all that bottle and can fees

goes righty into the bank accounts of the big pop companies. . .

It is millions upon millions that should have gone towards saving the trees.


Where is the money
If you’ve been reading this blog, you may of read about the civic election form scamdel that has happened! Yes for almost 6 long months, the City of Edmonton did not have any Canddidate forms for the upcoming civic election!
So late last week, I, Dave Dowling, phone the city clerks office in a second attempt to get candidate forms , so I could start gathering all the signatures needed on the form.
And of course the city clerks office said they did not have any! This was a week after dropping into the city clerks office to pick up Candidate forms.
So, I emailed the provincial minister of municipal affairs and housing,
And I emailed Ed Whats his name, premier of the Nation of Alberta,
And I emailed the Alberta Government at large,
And I cc’ed those emails to a couple of Media people,

And finally, this week, on wendsday, they got the scamdels out of the system and scurried up some forms, which I picked up Today!
And I even filled out and dropped off the Contact information form to the city clerks office, and got a photocopied copy stamped that they had recieved it with thier official office of the city clerk recieved stamp, just incase there is any more scamdeling happening with candidate forms that have been dropped off at the city clercks office, that dopsent have forms still a shit storm is raised, which is totally wrong.

there is fixed election dates, the scamdel knew three long years ago there would be an election this monday October 15th, and those forms should have been there 2 years ago. . .
Just like they are in Federal elections and provincial elections.

And now, now I know the reason for the formgate scamdel that has happened. the delay in clerks office having the forms is because:

The Scamdel of potmonton made it so the number of signatures needed on the form to stand up for election for mayor has QUADRUPLED!!!!!!!
the number of signatures needed to stand up for councilor has not changed. . . .
the number of signatures needed to stand up for eleciton as public school trustee has not changed. . . .
the number of signatures needed to stand up for election as catholic school trustee has not changed. . . .
No, it is only the number of signatures needed to stand up for election as Mayor that has changed. . . .

Yes the Scamdel of potmonton has made it so it is harder for his opposition in elections to run. It is now FOUR TIMES the amount of signatures needed compared to the last election. And it looks as if it took 3 long years to get the minister of municipal affairs and housing to approve the new forms, how undemocratic of the minsiter of municipal affairs and housing.

It looks as if the Scamdel of potmonton figures a Scamdel is more equal than a provincial minister of municipal affairs and housing. A minister of municipal affairs and housing only needs to collect 25 signatures to run provincally, and the deposit is half refunded!

In a majority of other towns and cities across Alberta, candidates for mayor need to collect. . . . only five signatures. . . .

How S A D and scamdelish that the current scamdel is making it harder for people to stand up for election as Mayor.

Where is the money

I believe THEFT is what thiefs do.
If I walk into the local bank, and when no one is looking, scamdel a few hundred dollar bills, out of the cashiers cash drawer, to pay my ever climbing gasoline bill, it is called theft!

An article from the Edmonton sun shows how the scamdel of potmonton is using tax payer money for his own private business(theifing), something that I Dave Dowling would never ever do! It is called CONFLICT OF INTREST or worse, theft, and the mayor should be held accountable over it. . .
the following quote is
Mayor Stephen Mandel bungled his handling of complaints at his trailer park by using his chief of staff to address his private business problems, says a University of Alberta political scientist.

“He should know better. This could be perceived as a conflict of interest – and politics is all about perception,” Jim Lightbody said after learning Mandel’s chief of staff Patricia Misutka was responding to a pothole and garbage pickup complaint from a resident at Lakeland Village.

How many days did this chief of staff spend on trailergate? how much money was wrung from the pockets of the taxpayer of Edmonton over this?
And the big Question, what else is going on? Is there other such horrid conflicts of intrest going down in the expensive office of the Scamdel?
Is the city going to be paying to pave that trashed trailer park?
Is the city paying for the gas in his vehicle for his private business?
Is the chief of staff his new receptionist for his private business?

will the taxed voter of Edmonton now have to subsidise all property owners with a free receptionist?

And how, how can a councilor condone such blatent criminalilstic misuse of the overtaxed voters monies?
Is it because the ” it’s ok to misuse money from the taxed voter” councilor is also doing such wretched things?

Another “clownflict of intrest in my opinion is the election adds for the mayor and councilors at: elections edmonton!
on that page when you click on this link
you get a nice big poster of the mayor and council and of course the mayors phone number, address, email, etc.

With a mayor from Florida, it is no wonder democracy, accountability and media impartiality during elecitons is gone in Edmonton.

Quesitons, questions questions, and every one of those questions is another of the infinite reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING!

hypnotizing meditation tile!
Fri, May 25, 2007

‘Welcome to Sunnyvale’Strathcona County mayor slams Mandel in care of trailer park

The mayor of Strathcona County took a backhanded swipe at Stephen Mandel Thursday, suggesting her Edmonton counterpart has neglected the roads in his trailer park for so long that garbage trucks can’t navigate streets to pick up refuse.
“We’re getting calls from several people at Lakeland Village complaining about garbage pickup,” Cathy Olesen said.

Residents have also complained to Sun Media that cavernous potholes in the trailer park are preventing garbage collectors from doing their work.

Mandel owns the Lakeland Village trailer park, which is just south of Highway 16 off Clover Bar Road and is home to more than 1,500 people.

He contracts management of the park to Jane Meikle, who didn’t return calls from Sun Media.

“The road problems at Lakeland extend back to winter,” Oleson said. “I remember bus drivers complaining they couldn’t get through, that buses were breaking. The kids had to be picked up elsewhere from their normal bus stops.”

As first reported by Sun Media last Sunday, the potholes at Lakeland Village make some Edmonton streets look dreamy by comparison.

Mandel has pledged to fix the roads as soon as the earth is sufficiently thawed, but residents say this latest garbage flap is simply unbearable.

“For the second week in a row I woke up Thursday to see a pile of garbage in the street in front of my house,” said Lakeland resident Rick Hicks, 20.

A furious Jennifer Lyka, 26, is wondering where the $350 each tenant pays in monthly property fees is going.

She photographed the garbage pile on Thursday and e-mailed her pictures to Mandel. By Friday afternoon, the refuse had been collected.

“I pay taxes to Strathcona county to have my trash picked up, but when the roads are so bad street sweepers are getting swallowed up and garbage trucks won’t risk driving on them, it’s gone too far.

“And piling the garbage bags in the street is just ridiculous. Just because it’s a trailer park doesn’t mean it has to look trashy.”

Hicks said the trash is being collected each week by park maintenance staff and piled near a barrier blocking access to the pockmarked portion of the road.

“The least they could do is truck it to a more appropriate area for pickup,” he said. “And if they can’t fill the potholes yet, why can’t Mandel just put those big steel plates over them? Anything would be better than this.”

Mandel said “garbage pickup (at Lakeland Village) is Strathcona County’s responsibility.”

Before hanging up on a reporter, he said, “I’m not commenting about this issue any further. Your paper is going to do what it’s going to do.”

Olesen said regardless of where the responsibility lies for garbage pickup at the trailer park – she thought perhaps it was contracted out by Mandel and his park management staff – the fact remains trucks can’t get up the roads because they are falling apart.

“This whole situation is just embarrassing,” Hicks said. “We might as well hang out a sign for visitors, saying ‘Welcome to Sunnyvale,’ because this is starting to look as trashy as an episode of Trailer Park Boys.” ”

this shows the Scamdel of Potmonton, can not even fix the streets in his own trailer slum park.
No wonder the streets of Potmonton are so bad. 1500 trailers times 350 is a staggering and whopping large sum of money! over $500,000 Dollars!
Just enough for a campaign of lots of spam. . . . .
No wonder the trailer park is trashing out, all the scamdel has to offer the voter of Edmonton is Spam. And it looks like he is gonna be giving lots of that SPAM to Edmonton. . .

Where as, I Dave Dowling have a state of the art, top of the line platform, that actually repairs the potholes and cleans the streets in Winter. .

Where is the money
Last week, at this post

I showed how edmonton is fastly becoming a non democratic city, because they are apperantly having an election, but Candidates can not pick up candidate forms!

Well this week, they did not have those forms, the city clerk ouytrighty lied last week, when they said they would have the forms this week, and this week they still had no forms.

so after calling the Alberta government office of the minister of municipal afairs and housing, emailing them, emailing premier Ed, and the alberta Government over this formgate incident, there is still no forms. . .

The Mayor knew three years ago there would be an election this year, and he had three longs years to make sure there was forms there by last christmas, but there still isn’t any. . .

the media know about this, and have said nothing.

city councilors are not doing thier job, perhaps this is the real treason behind all those councilors resigning and not standing up for election again.

because they can not get forms to fill out. . .

Meanwhile the scamdel contiues to whip up hairbrained scams to spend the overtaxed voters taxes on 3 eyed wonders!
3 eyed wonders are those stupid ideas like rip out enough trees from the parks to pour 600 million dollars of concrete. 3 eyed wonders do less than nothing about the pot holed roads of Edmonton, because those 3 eyed wonders take away money that should have gone to fixing the roads.

Where is the money
$ 1 Billion dollar arena in the downtown area.
$ 600 million dollars for the river parks, to rip out trees and pour concrete.
$ 88 million dollars on an art building.
$ 5 million dollars on a staircase!
$ 20 million dollars for a pedestrian bridge in the west end, so west enders can get to the river to drink that fine river water!
$ 200,000 or so dollars for a float to tour other cities!
$ 13,000 raises!, and that is not the excessive wage, it is only the outragous raise.
$ 200,000 dollars for stockpiles of flu medications for the Mayor and councilors!
$ Tax increases.
And more

I Dave Dowling say that in My Opinion all that wasting of the overtaxed voters money, all of it show the Mayor spits on the homeless, and wants them all out of the province or something. Heck, he wil not even let them put up tents near the bissel center. . .
All those wasted billions upon billions for 3 eyed parrots. 3 eyed parrots do less than nothing for the homeless, the fourth world roads system or snow removal in winter.
For the billions spent on three eyed parrots is money that could have gone towards the homeless problem.

How about a $ Billion dollar low cost housing development where they want that stupid $ Billion dollar arena.
And instead of 600 million or so on on a moronic plan of ripping out trees so concrete paths can be poured, how about leaving the trees just where they are.
And that 600 million could be put towards pothole repairs and snow removal in winter.

Vote Dave DOwling for real leadership.

Vote Dave TV
my youtube site is up and running.
It is the site where I will be posting
lots of election vidios. . .

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