I, Dave Dowling shall campaign like no other candidate for Mayor of Edmonton has ever campaigned before!
Just like I did in the last Election.

I, Dave Dowling, shall put up no signs whatsoever, out of respect for the environment. Election signs end up in landfills, and are made from trees.

I, Dave Dowling shall accept no money contributions whatsoever from anyone, out of respect for the overtaxed voter. Elections should not be about who raises the most money to give to the major media. And most people are overtaxed already. If you feel a need to give money away, there is lots of non-profit organizations in Edmonton that deserve it.

I, Dave Dowling shall rely on the impartiality of the media to show you the overtaxed voter, that there isn’t any impartiality in the media during elections, and that all the other Candidate really has. . . is spam.

I, Dave Dowling shall spend as close to nothing on this election out of respect for fiscal integrity. Fiscal integrity is things like chopping the Mayors wage down to a reasonable level like what someone on social assistance gets.

the rest is up to you the overtaxed voters of Edmonton.