Where is the money
Born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Russian: Иосиф Виссарионович Джугашвили [Iosif Vissarionovič Džugašvili]) called himself Joseph Stalin! from:
Yes, Edmonton has a stalinite Mayor!

Just go driving and look at the holy pot holed roads of Edmonton! Worse than any wretched road Stalin ever had. Stalin would be proud of the way The Mayor rapes Billions of taxed dollars from the pockets of the voters of Edmonton every year and how the roads are so wretched.

And of course there is a 10 year plan to wring 5 more billions from the pockets of the overtaxed voters of Edmonton . . for the roads!

Stalin would be proud of the way the red necked commie mayor of Edmonton is raising taxes 7 poorcent this year, 10 poorcent next year, and probably even more the year after that, and how the raods of Potmonton will still be two 5 year plans away from being fixed! Yes the pot holed roads of Edmonton will probably wring enough money from the overtaxed voter of Edmonton to pave 5 cities three times over! But that is how communism works, it works by having the tax money continually disappear, while the roads just get worse and worse. Those worsening roads are a continuous five year plan to up the taxes. After all, $13,000 raises do ever so much to fix those roads , which is what Stalinsim is all about!

Yes, by the time they are fixed the red necked commie of Edmonton will be yammering about how taxes need to be raised so the roads they fixed ten years ago need more billions poured into them again!

Enough tax dollars to make stalins courpse roll over and drooooool for 5 year billion dollar spending plans.

By the time all the communist tax grabs have gone down, the over taxed voting comrad of Edmonton, will have to be working three 80 hour shifts per week, just to fix the roads!
the over taxed comrad of Edmonton will then have to work another 80 hour shift every week, just to pay for the mayors annual $13,000 wage increases!
Yummm, is what Stalin would say over the very fine communist example of wealth redistribution from the overtaxed voter to the red necked commie mayors pockets!

Line up at the poll booth comrad, the Edmonton media has already announced who your voting for, just like stalin likes! More taxes! More 5 year billion dollar plans! More $13,000 rasies!
And of course more for those who own the means of produciton. And of course there is more for you the over taxed voter, in the form of More Taxes! More Taxes, how, how stalinistic of council!

Arn’t you glad to be part of the best red necked communist city this side of Moscow?

Yes indeed Edmonton, just go to the polls this October and Vote for anyone but Dave Dowling to keep those taxes going up , up and up.