Yes comrad Edmontonite, the above is the post where it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt , because of the crushing tax burden, that the city of Edmonton has a Stalinite Mayor , hell bent on making the worker working, work three 80 hour shifts to pay for the two five year plans to fix the roads.

Comrad Stalin, did not have elections, or there was always hoakiness surrounding the mockery of democracy they had.

And now, now in Edmonton, just mere meager months before the next civic election, There is no candidate forms.

Yes, last election, I had Mayor forms 8 months before the election, so I could gather all the signatures needed to submit the forms.

but this year, this year just mere months before the election, there is no Candidate forms Comrad.

No Candidate forms for school trustee.

No Candidate forms for alderperson.

And no Candidate forms for people standing up for election as Mayor!

Stalin would be proud of such a thwarting of democracy. . .

By the Scamdel of Edmonton.

And the city clerks office, instead of saying, we screwed up, and made a mistake, tried to blame it al on Ed’s provincial government.
Yet at:
there is forms there for local elections that the city clerk could have printed on thier what looked to be a thousands of dollar printer!

I do believe Stalin was also a big fan of passing the blame and never taking any.

and the local Pravda ( local media that only write what stalin lets them write, no critizing of stalin about no candidate forms allowed) continues to be pravda!

which is why this web site is probably the only place you will ever hear about such thwarting of democracy going down in Edmonton, a city that is suppose to be democratic with things like equal access to forms needed to be a Candidate.

My challenge was to three rounds in the ring.

It looks as if the Scamdels challenge is ” guess where the forms are, and guess when we will have them!”

To let Such a mockery of democracy happen, with no media questioning why or investigating why is just pure and plain Stalinism at its stalinistic commie best.

So remember comrad Edmontonite, the local pravda will tell you who to vote for come election day.

Just remember to line up at the gas pump to pay all the communist party members.

and Comrad, of course property taxes will be going up, in case you do not drive, just so the tax man can collect for more five year road fixin’s plans.

To end the communist stalinistic nightmare comrad, remember the three words you will probably never hear in the local pravda:
“Vote Dave Dowling”