Where is the money
$ 1 Billion dollar arena in the downtown area.
$ 600 million dollars for the river parks, to rip out trees and pour concrete.
$ 88 million dollars on an art building.
$ 5 million dollars on a staircase!
$ 20 million dollars for a pedestrian bridge in the west end, so west enders can get to the river to drink that fine river water!
$ 200,000 or so dollars for a float to tour other cities!
$ 13,000 raises!, and that is not the excessive wage, it is only the outragous raise.
$ 200,000 dollars for stockpiles of flu medications for the Mayor and councilors!
$ Tax increases.
And more

I Dave Dowling say that in My Opinion all that wasting of the overtaxed voters money, all of it show the Mayor spits on the homeless, and wants them all out of the province or something. Heck, he wil not even let them put up tents near the bissel center. . .
All those wasted billions upon billions for 3 eyed parrots. 3 eyed parrots do less than nothing for the homeless, the fourth world roads system or snow removal in winter.
For the billions spent on three eyed parrots is money that could have gone towards the homeless problem.

How about a $ Billion dollar low cost housing development where they want that stupid $ Billion dollar arena.
And instead of 600 million or so on on a moronic plan of ripping out trees so concrete paths can be poured, how about leaving the trees just where they are.
And that 600 million could be put towards pothole repairs and snow removal in winter.

Vote Dave DOwling for real leadership.