Where is the money
Last week, at this post

I showed how edmonton is fastly becoming a non democratic city, because they are apperantly having an election, but Candidates can not pick up candidate forms!

Well this week, they did not have those forms, the city clerk ouytrighty lied last week, when they said they would have the forms this week, and this week they still had no forms.

so after calling the Alberta government office of the minister of municipal afairs and housing, emailing them, emailing premier Ed, and the alberta Government over this formgate incident, there is still no forms. . .

The Mayor knew three years ago there would be an election this year, and he had three longs years to make sure there was forms there by last christmas, but there still isn’t any. . .

the media know about this, and have said nothing.

city councilors are not doing thier job, perhaps this is the real treason behind all those councilors resigning and not standing up for election again.

because they can not get forms to fill out. . .

Meanwhile the scamdel contiues to whip up hairbrained scams to spend the overtaxed voters taxes on 3 eyed wonders!
3 eyed wonders are those stupid ideas like rip out enough trees from the parks to pour 600 million dollars of concrete. 3 eyed wonders do less than nothing about the pot holed roads of Edmonton, because those 3 eyed wonders take away money that should have gone to fixing the roads.