Where is the money

I believe THEFT is what thiefs do.
If I walk into the local bank, and when no one is looking, scamdel a few hundred dollar bills, out of the cashiers cash drawer, to pay my ever climbing gasoline bill, it is called theft!

An article from the Edmonton sun shows how the scamdel of potmonton is using tax payer money for his own private business(theifing), something that I Dave Dowling would never ever do! It is called CONFLICT OF INTREST or worse, theft, and the mayor should be held accountable over it. . .
the following quote is
“from: http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Alberta/2007/05/27/4211994-sun.html
Mayor Stephen Mandel bungled his handling of complaints at his trailer park by using his chief of staff to address his private business problems, says a University of Alberta political scientist.

“He should know better. This could be perceived as a conflict of interest – and politics is all about perception,” Jim Lightbody said after learning Mandel’s chief of staff Patricia Misutka was responding to a pothole and garbage pickup complaint from a resident at Lakeland Village.

How many days did this chief of staff spend on trailergate? how much money was wrung from the pockets of the taxpayer of Edmonton over this?
And the big Question, what else is going on? Is there other such horrid conflicts of intrest going down in the expensive office of the Scamdel?
Is the city going to be paying to pave that trashed trailer park?
Is the city paying for the gas in his vehicle for his private business?
Is the chief of staff his new receptionist for his private business?

will the taxed voter of Edmonton now have to subsidise all property owners with a free receptionist?

And how, how can a councilor condone such blatent criminalilstic misuse of the overtaxed voters monies?
Is it because the ” it’s ok to misuse money from the taxed voter” councilor is also doing such wretched things?

Another “clownflict of intrest in my opinion is the election adds for the mayor and councilors at: elections edmonton!
on that page when you click on this link
you get a nice big poster of the mayor and council and of course the mayors phone number, address, email, etc.

With a mayor from Florida, it is no wonder democracy, accountability and media impartiality during elecitons is gone in Edmonton.

Quesitons, questions questions, and every one of those questions is another of the infinite reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING!