June 2007

 pothole fixer E friendly

The City should buy a paving company!


the local search engine shows there is lots of paving companies for sale!

In My Opinion it would be far cheeper to use the capitalistic idea of the City Buying a paving company, rather than the communist idea of going in debt to a bank at credit card rates.

that hundreds of Millions of intrest and Billions of profit could be better spent on tar and gravel for the city owned paving company to use. . .

  Potholed car

Over at the Edmonton sun online was the following snipit of an article where the Mayor admits it will be $10 Billion to fix his not looking after the roads of Edmonton!



It’s going to take 10 years and a whopping $10 billion for the city to catch up on its neglected roads, parks and other infrastructure, says Mayor . . . .

. . .  believes a $10-billion construction and maintenance plan should take care of the majority of Edmonton’s infrastructure shortfalls.

“It doesn’t mean everything is going to be cured in 10 years, but for the most part, I think we’ve got a very good plan that will deal with all the challenges.”

City brass say they can raise about half the cash through federal and provincial grants, along with its own revenue. . . .  said most of the remaining $5 billion could be covered by borrowing against available funding.

“If we lever the money, we believe we can pretty much reach our goal.”
. . . ”

After his six long years on city council neglecting the roads of Edmonton for his pet white elephant tax gobbling projects, It looks af the City of Edmonton will now have to borrow Billions $$$ from the bank of Scamdel. Probably at exhorbant intrest rates to boot.

Yes, Six long years to pillage the tax coffers of Edmonton for white elephant staircases, white elephant art galleries, white elephant arenas, white elephant gazebos, white elephant paths, white elephant parks, and white elephant raises of $13,000. the roads of Edmonton are so neglected, Edmonton must now go in debt for all those white elephant projects. According to the electioneering Mayor of Edmonton!

Yes, it is Election year Edmonton, and this is why your taxed dollars are been ever so flagrently wasted. so it looks as if someone is actually doing thier job, come the time to vote in October in the Edmonton Civic Election.

this election for real Leadership, VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton! 


Don’t blame me Dave Dowling for the following, for I , Dave Dowling am just trying to make it all better! VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton to make it all better!

Yes, indeed, I have noticed that Edmonton has so much more than Toronto or New york.

Just look at the pot holed roads of  Edmonton, so much more pot holed than the roads of Toronto or New York! Why, ours have repairs on top of repairs, on top of repairs! I have not seen four repeated repairs yet, but I am sure those are coming, as I have seen those triple repair jobs in need of more costley patching, as it is election year, so the money will be wasted, to make it look as if someone is doing something!

And Edmonton has the cracking concrete fiasco of Churchill Square! Yes that childrens knee scraping white elephant wonder only cost tens of millions, what other City has such a costly overrun of concrete wonder right in front of thier city hall? Certainly not Toronto or New York. and look at all the CO2 reducing grass that was killed to make way for the concrete wonder!

Edmonton also has the tens of millions dollars park next to the convention center. another white elephant wonder. Toronto does not have a million dollar gazebo, or a million dollar manacured lawn that will need polluting lawn cutters every 5 or so days in the summer in that park next to the convention center. And in that park is also the million dollar staircase! and the million dollar path! new york has no such white elephant wonder!

Edmonton also has the best and most ice convered streets in winter! Ours are so ice clad in winter that there is hundreds of accidents if not thousand sof them every year. New York or Toronto has no where near the accidents per thousands people like Edmonton has!

And of course Edmonton has the J Walters ferry or ferry landing! New york or Toronto has no such dangerous, dilapitated and eyesore of a museam piece rotting away in thier parks! Oh no, edmonton wins in that catagory!

Edmonton also has some of the tastiest water around with its 200 to 350 PPM of only god knows what in it giving it all that taste! I am sure toronto and New Yorks water does not has so much taste in it. If you boil all the Edmonton water out in a distiller, what is left is the taste. that Taste of Edmonton water is a sort of yucky grey sludge with smell!

And where else but Edmonton do people have to work 80 hour weeks to pay the rent or morgage? Not in New york or toronto! and of course edmontons Tent city is far far large than New Yorks or Torontos!

Of course Edmonton has the Scamdel pirate Captin, who just gave himself a $13,000 raise for the job not done on potholes, snow removal and how he raised taxes 150 million  $$ Dollars per year!!!!! New York and Toronto have no where near the tax increases the overtaxed Edmonton voter gets, nor the wage raises the Mayor votes for himself!

Of course there is ever so much more, like $600 million to rip out trees so concrete paths can be poured! And the $$ Billion dollar arena! and the $400,000 parade Float, The $250 million dollar freeway cloverleaf intersection, and the $88 million dollar art gallery, and the $5 million dollar stairway and the large mayors office budget, and the excessive fat cat expense accounts, and who knows what else!

New York or Toronto can only dream of been a city like Edmonton.

 the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

LOOK UP! Up in the air of cyberspace! just above this sentance. Is it a shutle craft? No! Is it an alien? No, it is the environmentally friendly Zero emmision VOTE DAVE DOWLING e-blimp, here to give you the good news, And the good news is  Captin Scamdel,  that Dave Dowling who looks to be the only Non-Fringe Candidate  in the upcoming 2007 edmonton civic election, has gathered OVER the 100 signatures needed to stand up for Mayor of Edmonton in the 2007 Edmonton civic election.

I, Dave Dowling just may be the only Candidate to do so (Already have over 100 signatures on the candidate form to stand up for mayor of Edmonton). As far as I know, except for gathering lots more loot in the form of signatures on the bills, Captin Scamdel has never ever had to gather over 25 signatures for an election  Candidate form! 100 may be 75 more than he is able to gather! Where as Dave Dowling has gathered well over 100 signatures in Election after election after election!

Perhaps I better Email him and give him some pointers on how to gather over 100 signatures as Election officials usually reject one or two of them. anyone else, just email me and I will give those pointers away for free!

The Lawyers and such better be checking his( Captin Scamdels) nomination form at least twice! I jnow they check Dave Dowlings forms three or four times!

Looks to be a boring Mayors election, as I bested the scamdel last election in debate after debate after debate. He did so horrid, I started giving him pointers! Sad thing is, he had all that money to spend on adds of Spam. spam was all the Scamdel proablaby has for this election also!

For real leadership in the Mayors Chair, vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!

the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

LOOK! UP ON THE PAGE, in the E-air of cyberspace! it’s a Plane? No! It’s a SUPERHERO? No!, It is the environmentally friendly Vote DAVE DOWLING E-Blimp! the Vote DAVE DOWLING for MAYOR of EDMONTON e-blimp is an environmentally friendly blimp that harms not the air, the waters, the birds nor the bees. It hovers continuously in Cyberspace telling you the overtaxed voter of Edmonton the Good News. That Good News is of course to Vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton this Oct 2007 in the Edmonton Civic election.  Dave Dowling looks to be the only non-fringe candidate standing for Mayor this October 2007 in the Edmonton civic election.

 The Vote DAVE DOWLING E-Blimp is rumored to be powered by the hot hot fetid breath of the other candidates for Mayor, which is all they seam to have besides their heaping pile of radioactive Baloneyium.

Baloneyium is that rare earth element that surfaces to the top of some Candidates platforms during election times.  radioactive Baloneyium enables those other Candidates to chop down a forest or three, for electioneering signs and pamphlets, while they say they are all for Saving the envirionment. Saving the environment in landfills for future generations to cry over is not saving the envirionment.

Saving the envirionment is what Dave Dowling will do as Mayor of Edmonton with his state of the art, top of the line platform.

Dave Dowling will make sure the roads of Edmonton are safe to drive on by making sure the core priorities of Edmonton are done. Ensure the people are safe, Fix the roads, clean the streets, make sure the buses run on time and that the garbage is picked up.

$100.000 for flu meds
$400,000 parade floats 
$5 million dollar stairways
$88 Million dollar art galleries
$250 million cloverleaf intersections
$600 million dollar paths
and the big choker
the $ Billion dollar arena!

All of these show a pirate pillaging the pockets of the overtaxed voter to put the pirates name upon a plack. None of those Billions wasted contributes to the safety of the Edmonton driver driving on the summer potholed roads of Edmonton, or the winter ice clad roads of Edmonton. In Fact all of these white elephant projects do les than nothing for hte safety of the overtaxed voter walking or driving on the wretched roads of Edmonton. for these white elephant projects take away money that could have been better spent on the roads of edmonton, or the homeless of Edmonton, or the overtaxed Voter of Edmonton.

For Leadership in the Mayors chair vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton! 

Where is the money 

The Mayor of Edmonton did not deserve the $13,000 raise he recentley voted for himself.

The failing grade F on snow removal and the failing grade F on pot hole repair

And the Failing grade F on solving the homeless issue

Show that raise should have been a decrease !

Those Heavy Duty Mechanics that keep the buses, the snowplows and the street repair equipment running are the ones that should have gotten the raises.

It is these people that keep the city running by keeping the equipment running that enables the roads to be repaired and cleaned.

After taxes and deductions it is kind of hard to keep the house bills paid on the paultry wages these Heavy Duty Mechanics get for thier well done work that they do.

It looks as if they are hiring right now because of the record amount of millions been spent on pot hole repairs this year. . because it is Election year!

Yes, the money is been wasted at record levels of wastage. . . because it is election year.

This election year, in October of 2007 Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton.


Marijuana, aka cannabis, marihuana, hemp, etc. Some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton believe Marijuana to be more potent in death dealing than 20,000 thermonuclear bombs going off all over the planet. I Dave DOwling Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in October 2007 know that Marijuana has never ever killed anyone, and that nuclear bombs have killed lots of people!

Proof of this(Some Candidates warped fringe style view of Marijuana been akin to the blood of satan) is how some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton this October support having police in every school terrorizing kids in school by charter infringing searches of  childrens lockers for Marijuana with Marijuana sniffing dogs, with no warrents issued and signed by a Judge.

Those police do not go and look for nuclear bombs, in those lockers, no it is mostly Marijuana they try to find on your children , so the government can spend vast amounts of money locking your children up in jail. All done with no warrent whatsoever. In fact from what I have heard, all it takes is someone in that school that has issues with your children and then all they have to say is “so and so has devil weed in thier locker!” to the local authority figure.”

Yes, some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton this october 2007 want to make sure your children know what a police state is, before they turn twelve, by subjecting them to one every day those children of yours are in school.

The opinion of Dave Dowling , person standing for Mayor of Edmonton this October 2007 believes that if Police are in Schools, thier first job should be teaching the Laws of Canada. Classrooms could learn the rule of law that enables Canada to be, and the charter of rights and freedoms, the criminal code of Canada, Provincial legislation,  civic bylaws, and court precidents. The police are already budgeted for in the budget, and schools need more teachers, not more of a police-state school. . .

All this in light of the Medical Marijuana Access Division run by health Canada that makes sure those who need Marijuana can get it. And in light of the senate report that came out this millenium that recommends Marijuana be legal and the nasty prohibiton of it be ended. and all the court precidents across the land relating to the Marijuana laws been struck down. And in light of the fact that this is why Parliment is trying kto bring in new Marijuana laws.

Millions upon millions are wasted by the city government upon marijuana prohibiton when it can be argued that there isn’t any Marijuana laws because of court precidents across the land. Millions upon millions that could go to better things like repaving the pot holed roads, and cleaning the ice off them in winter, and perhaps solving the homeless problem Edmonton has.

Edmonton does have problems that can be solved, with no extra cost to the overtaxed voter of Edmonton, All it takes is that one thing that has been lacking in the Mayors Chair, that thing named Leadership.

Edmonton, for a Mayor that knows it is more important for children to have an education, rather than be subjected to jail Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton in October 2007!

potholed vehicle

Dave Dowling, your non fringe Candidate knows

It doe snot take provincal or federal help to solve the homeless problem in Edmonton.

All it takes to solve the homeless problem is a Mayor able to lead with that skill of leadership. Instead of laughing at those living in tents and blaming in all on other levels of Government, the Mayor should:

Take some of the schools slated to be closed, and turn them into temporary homeless shelters!

Tents are not very good in Winter.

Then start demanding the money from different levels of government to build the permament low cost housing that is needed for long term solutions, because living in schools slated for demolition is only a temporary solution. And that is only if developers can not be found to build some low cost housing in exchange for some tax breaks or something. . .

No one should be living in tents unless they are on vacation and camping on that vacation.

This October , vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton

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