Where is the money

One Billion is what it will probably cost. The Mayor has put forth the wrong figure of 500 million as the cost. With the overheated economy, labour shortages and churchhill square as an example, it will be nowhere near 500 million for an arena in downtown Edmonton.

Cost overruns on government projects are legendary, just look at the concrete cracking churchhill square as an example of how government project 99 times out of a hundred are always way more expensive than the original “guesstimates”

Does Edmonton really need a $ Billion $ Dolllar arena?

It looks as if the life span of arenas is only 30 years or so.

Apperantly the current one is crumbling down  and falling apart or something?

one billion dollars divided by a thirty year life span is a

tax walloping 35 million or so per year!

Just enough to fix the pot holed roads of Edmonton.

Or enough per year to clean the streets of snow

Or it is enough per year to put up low cost housing developments all over the city

so a future slum is not created by building them all in two square blocks.

35 million per year is a huge and large pile of money that should be spent on other things, like essential core services.
Clean the streets, repair the roads, make sure people are safe, have an emergeny fund and make sure the trains run on time!
anything extra should  be returned to the overtaxed voter, so the people can spend the peoples money.
One Billion dollars could be better spent than spent on an arena that will only last 30 years.
most houses and low cost rental units last for 50 to 100 years, and would do more for the people of Edmonton , than an arena would.

It is a three eyed house for the three eyed parrots, not an arena. 
One billion spend on such a three eyed wonder could be better spent elsewhere. 
One Billion of the taxed voters money returned to the overtaxed voter, would be a rebate check worth cashing. there would be a far far better plan for One Billion Dollars, at least then the overtaxed property owner would be getting something of value for thier money.

35 million or more per year is not something of value, it is a liability. 
like pot holed roads or ice covered streets are a liability.

This election stand up and vote for Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.