potholed vehicle

Potholed roads are unsafe. Now, I have no idea if it is true that the Mayors staff crusies this web site at the expense of the overtaxed voters money, but it would not surprize me, in light of trailerpark gate.

But I do know that:  

Pot holed is that tire shredded from an oversized pot hole, one of those pot holes that looks like a meteor impact site, complete with ver tall tire shredding walls!

Pot holed is also that shaking and shuddering a car does as it’s front end is mis alined from a pot hole canyon, a pot hole canyon is one of those pot holes that looks like a part of the grand cayon. And the results to a vehicle from trying to drive into the grand canyon is sort of what a pot hole canyon on the road does to a vehicle, when that vehicle drives into and over a potholed canyon

Pot holed is the road disappearing just as you drive over the mother of all pot holes, a 2 meter deep pot hole of pot holes.

Pot holed is also those accidents that happen from a driver going over the dividing line because of course, they swerved around a pot hole!

Pot holed is also a city budget of almost 2 Billion $ dollars a year, and the roads are what they are.

Pot holed is roads that have been “repaired” but your head still hits the roof of your vehicle as you bump and bash over the very uneven road surface, that looks like it should just be ground up and repaved.

Pot holed is also a Mayor getting a $13,000 raise when the roads are so wretched and fourth world like. . .

Potholed is that same Mayor wanting to spend “choke” $13,000,000.00 on a staircase, when the roads are so fourth world.

Potholed is the same Mayor spending another $13,000,000.00 on a gazebo in a park next to the convention center, when the roads of Edmonton are so Fourth world.

Potholed is the same Mayor wanting to squeeze the overtaxed swerving around pot hole driver for another Billion for an arena, when the roads of Edmonton are beyond third world road systems.

Potholed is a state of rightous anger at the wasting of money again and again on the Mayors three eyed wonders, when the roads of Edmonton are so Fourth world like, while your waiting in the vehicle repair shop for the bill for the rather extensive damage done to your vehicle from Pot holes!

Potholed seams to be something that only happens in . . . . . Edmonton! Strange. . isn’t it? Hence the fourth world road systems in the telling of the tale. For in the third world, those potholes are repaired, and they happen in every city, not just one.

Potholed is also the story of economic woe and horror the Mayor spews to try and explain why the Mayor is not doing the Mayors job and Making sure the streets of Edmonton are a First World Road system, that has people teling tales of supurb road systmes up in Edmonton the Capital of the vast Nation of Alberta.  The potholed Mayors potholed story on why the potholed roads of potmonton are so potholed, seams to change from media event to media event, so who knows what it will be blamed on this week! It semas the Mayor of Edmonton will blame those potholed roads of potmonton on any thing but the Mayor not doing his job.

Fix the roads, clean the streets, pick up the garbage, make sure the buses run on time and that the people can live safe. almost 2 billion dollars a year ($2,000,000,000.00$) and these basic core services are not been done is a potholed story of stories.  for leadership instead of stories Vote DAVE DOWLING for MAYOR of EDMONTON, this October 15th.