Democracy is where you represent yourself in all government matters.

Representative democracy is where you have someone represent you in all government matters.

when it comes to representing you, there is many yous out there, all with thier own beliefs and values, some commen to all, some commen to just a few.

So, does limiting your choice on the ballot actually futher the democracy in democratic representative government?

Of course not. Any competent professer of political science would agree that giving people more choice on the ballot is more democratic than limiting the choice on the ballot as to who will represent you in al matters of government as is done in a representative democracy.


has the info on how some in Edmonton want to stiffle the democratic process by putting impedments in the way of Candidates seeking to stand up for Mayor!

In fact, a few years ago there was some ranting how the signatures needed to stand up for Mayor should be increased to 1000 ! This in light of the fact that the provincial regulations clearly show that there is a limit of 100 imposed on all municipalities in Alberta. Indeed, across most of Alberta only 5 signatures are needed on the form to stand up for Mayor or the equivelent of Mayor. 

In fact it looks as if Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affairs, wants a discriminatory hodgepodge of election rules and regulations all across the Nation of Alberta! Yes, it seams Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affairs wants some mayors to be more equal than others! Instead of the sames rules for everyone standing for election, as the charter of rights and freedoms says it should be, Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affiars would rather have an antiquated system from the barbaric dark ages governing Municipal elections in Alberta! Sort of like the old fiefdoms that all had thier different rules and different regulations and different taxes from town to town to town.  Yes, in one part of Alberta one must have form A, Y number of signatures and Fee B, in anther part, one must have form B, fee c and X number of signatures, and on and on it goes!

It seams all one must do is be the local Mayor or equivelent, and then you just tell Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affiars how to make that form, what to have on it, and how and when it will be  printed and distributed, no studies needed, no committee reports need acompany the letter demanding the changes to the forms, fees, and signatures needed.

Instead of been a check and balance on petty dictatorships trying to stiffle thier opposition, Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affiars just seams to rubber stamp, whatever the local ;trying to put up impedements for those wishing to change things for the better: wants. . .

If there was no proper study done, and no proper committee or task force or whatever put together to study how the Overtaxed Voter of Edmonton can have more choice on the Ballot to represent the diversity in Edmonton, and all that was there demanding the change was an Angry Scamdel, why oh why was the number of Signatures needed on the form to stand up for Mayor of Edmonton Quadrupled Ray Danyluk. provincial minister of municipal affiars, and Edmonton City council????????

This Election Vote for the only Candidate Standing up for Democracy, Dave Dowling!