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I found the following on the web today at:

“Mandel challenger won’t run after all

The one candidate who was planning to challenge Mayor Stephen Mandel in the civic election has changed his mind.

Mike Pietramala, 47, said Monday he has withdrawn from the race for health reasons. Pietramala, who runs a homebased marketing and public relations firm, announced in February he was running for mayor.”

well now, it looks as if according to the journal there is now no candidate except the Scamdel of the Journal!

I guess the Journal newspaper editors do not know what search engines and the web is.

Or else it is more of that impartiality of the media at work. . .

If you look over to the right side of this web site, you may notice this site has been up since last year. . .

I thought my typos were bad, but the journal in one sentance exceeded all I have ever typoed. .

That sentance should have started with  “One of the Candidates. . . ” instead of thier failing grade of impartiality typo “The one Candidate”

Yes, My name is Dave Dowling and I am standing for Mayor of Edmonton.