Has an excellent film on the pot holed roads of Edmonton.

Pot holed roads are unsafe. Almost $2 Billion a year in overtaxed voters money for a city budget and the Mayor can not make sure the roads are fixed or repaired?

And of course it is election year, so the pot hole repair crews are working overtime, putting in double the amount of work they usually do.


Because certain city council members are worried. They know , that you know it is thier job to make sure the streets are safe to drive on, and the Mayor and council have not been doing thier job. This is one of the many reasons why it is time to turf the current Mayor into the unemployment line and
elect Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

The wretched roads are looking even more horrid, thanks to the current mayor worrying about votes and not the safe condition of the roads. This is why those “repaired” roads are so wretched in condition. Repairs on top of repairs on top of repairs is the wrong and most expensive way to go. I am sure you have seen those strings of tar that have come loose from the pot hole canyon they were poured into. Those tar strings are road hazards. so too are the pot hills, that result from too much road fixings been poured into the potholes. And repairs on top of repairs on top of repairs is just making the Mayor look like a clown. It is very entertaining, butr the job of safe streets is not been done.

Instead of doing a 1/4 of a rush job, as is been done now, because it is election year,  and just making things worse, most of those roads should have been ground up and repaved.

Yes, it is election year, so more millions upon millions will be wasted in an attempt to con you the overtaxed voter that something is been done. UNfortuantly that something is just more wasting of the overtaxed voters moneys on meager 1/4 attempts to fix the roads, when they need to be repaved. Those roads need to be repaved because the current Mayor of Edmonton decided to build white elephant wonders, instead of looking after Edmontons core needs, like safe and clean roads.

Yes, the Mayor decided to do things like put expensive cameras all over the traffic lights to watch people wreck thier vehicles from driving on potholes instead of fixing the roads.

Just look up at the next red light. Those cameras are not cheep, they are probably the most expensive camera the overtaxed voters money can buy.

They put those up, because the Mayors thinks it better to watch everyone on his multipul billion dollar camera system, than fix the roads and clean the streets in winter.

It seams every election year, the Mayor starts wasting money like its free toilet paper.

When you go to the polls this election in October, make a difference and VOTE DAVE DOWLING