the Robin says 

Yes indeed, the Campaign of Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton will probably be the most environmentally friendly campaign ever done in Edmonton, the capital of the mighty nation of Alberta.

over at you will see lots of Edmonton civic election campaign vidios with things like squirels, birds and trees in them. Why? because if those squirrels , birds and bees could talk, they would say “Vote Dave Dowling” Why? Because Dave Dowling is not chopping down two forests for election campaign signs that only end up in the land fill rotting thier toxic chemicals into the environment. Squirrels love trees, and love them to be there so Squirrels can climb in them and live in them and live off them.

Some Candidates in the edmonton civic election for Mayor have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the environment, the trees and the critters like the squirrels.

some Candidates only have two or three forests ravaged to the ground to make campaign signs of spam that really tell the voter nothing at all, except that such and such a candidate hates trees, forests and squirrels!

Heck, some Candidates even chop down a forest or two for those election campaign pamphlets. has an excellent vidio on what to do with those forest killing pieces of useless propaganda that end up in your mail box during elections.

I at least know that trees are important, and that we should not spend 600 million choping them all down so a bunch of concrete paths can be poured into the river valley like some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton want.

Dave Dowling would say use that 600 million to fix the roads, clean the streets, and help solve the homeless problem Edmonton faces, and let the trees be.

The  Edmontonians that hate trees, despise critters like squirrels, and would rather have brown air to breath are probably voting for  and supporting a fringe Candidate. . .

A fringe Candidate is those candidates that have a little fringe of hair on thier rather bald and shiney head, that runs along their backside from ear to ear.  Those fringe Candidates hate trees, love to overtax the voter of Edmonton, and consider tax sucking white elephant projects more important than core services like safe and clean roads.