Marijuana, aka cannabis, marihuana, hemp, etc. Some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton believe Marijuana to be more potent in death dealing than 20,000 thermonuclear bombs going off all over the planet. I Dave DOwling Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in October 2007 know that Marijuana has never ever killed anyone, and that nuclear bombs have killed lots of people!

Proof of this(Some Candidates warped fringe style view of Marijuana been akin to the blood of satan) is how some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton this October support having police in every school terrorizing kids in school by charter infringing searches of  childrens lockers for Marijuana with Marijuana sniffing dogs, with no warrents issued and signed by a Judge.

Those police do not go and look for nuclear bombs, in those lockers, no it is mostly Marijuana they try to find on your children , so the government can spend vast amounts of money locking your children up in jail. All done with no warrent whatsoever. In fact from what I have heard, all it takes is someone in that school that has issues with your children and then all they have to say is “so and so has devil weed in thier locker!” to the local authority figure.”

Yes, some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton this october 2007 want to make sure your children know what a police state is, before they turn twelve, by subjecting them to one every day those children of yours are in school.

The opinion of Dave Dowling , person standing for Mayor of Edmonton this October 2007 believes that if Police are in Schools, thier first job should be teaching the Laws of Canada. Classrooms could learn the rule of law that enables Canada to be, and the charter of rights and freedoms, the criminal code of Canada, Provincial legislation,  civic bylaws, and court precidents. The police are already budgeted for in the budget, and schools need more teachers, not more of a police-state school. . .

All this in light of the Medical Marijuana Access Division run by health Canada that makes sure those who need Marijuana can get it. And in light of the senate report that came out this millenium that recommends Marijuana be legal and the nasty prohibiton of it be ended. and all the court precidents across the land relating to the Marijuana laws been struck down. And in light of the fact that this is why Parliment is trying kto bring in new Marijuana laws.

Millions upon millions are wasted by the city government upon marijuana prohibiton when it can be argued that there isn’t any Marijuana laws because of court precidents across the land. Millions upon millions that could go to better things like repaving the pot holed roads, and cleaning the ice off them in winter, and perhaps solving the homeless problem Edmonton has.

Edmonton does have problems that can be solved, with no extra cost to the overtaxed voter of Edmonton, All it takes is that one thing that has been lacking in the Mayors Chair, that thing named Leadership.

Edmonton, for a Mayor that knows it is more important for children to have an education, rather than be subjected to jail Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton in October 2007!