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Dave Dowling, your non fringe Candidate knows

It doe snot take provincal or federal help to solve the homeless problem in Edmonton.

All it takes to solve the homeless problem is a Mayor able to lead with that skill of leadership. Instead of laughing at those living in tents and blaming in all on other levels of Government, the Mayor should:

Take some of the schools slated to be closed, and turn them into temporary homeless shelters!

Tents are not very good in Winter.

Then start demanding the money from different levels of government to build the permament low cost housing that is needed for long term solutions, because living in schools slated for demolition is only a temporary solution. And that is only if developers can not be found to build some low cost housing in exchange for some tax breaks or something. . .

No one should be living in tents unless they are on vacation and camping on that vacation.

This October , vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton