Where is the money 

The Mayor of Edmonton did not deserve the $13,000 raise he recentley voted for himself.

The failing grade F on snow removal and the failing grade F on pot hole repair

And the Failing grade F on solving the homeless issue

Show that raise should have been a decrease !

Those Heavy Duty Mechanics that keep the buses, the snowplows and the street repair equipment running are the ones that should have gotten the raises.

It is these people that keep the city running by keeping the equipment running that enables the roads to be repaired and cleaned.

After taxes and deductions it is kind of hard to keep the house bills paid on the paultry wages these Heavy Duty Mechanics get for thier well done work that they do.

It looks as if they are hiring right now because of the record amount of millions been spent on pot hole repairs this year. . because it is Election year!

Yes, the money is been wasted at record levels of wastage. . . because it is election year.

This election year, in October of 2007 Vote Dave DOwling for Mayor of Edmonton.