the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

LOOK! UP ON THE PAGE, in the E-air of cyberspace! it’s a Plane? No! It’s a SUPERHERO? No!, It is the environmentally friendly Vote DAVE DOWLING E-Blimp! the Vote DAVE DOWLING for MAYOR of EDMONTON e-blimp is an environmentally friendly blimp that harms not the air, the waters, the birds nor the bees. It hovers continuously in Cyberspace telling you the overtaxed voter of Edmonton the Good News. That Good News is of course to Vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton this Oct 2007 in the Edmonton Civic election.  Dave Dowling looks to be the only non-fringe candidate standing for Mayor this October 2007 in the Edmonton civic election.

 The Vote DAVE DOWLING E-Blimp is rumored to be powered by the hot hot fetid breath of the other candidates for Mayor, which is all they seam to have besides their heaping pile of radioactive Baloneyium.

Baloneyium is that rare earth element that surfaces to the top of some Candidates platforms during election times.  radioactive Baloneyium enables those other Candidates to chop down a forest or three, for electioneering signs and pamphlets, while they say they are all for Saving the envirionment. Saving the environment in landfills for future generations to cry over is not saving the envirionment.

Saving the envirionment is what Dave Dowling will do as Mayor of Edmonton with his state of the art, top of the line platform.

Dave Dowling will make sure the roads of Edmonton are safe to drive on by making sure the core priorities of Edmonton are done. Ensure the people are safe, Fix the roads, clean the streets, make sure the buses run on time and that the garbage is picked up.

$100.000 for flu meds
$400,000 parade floats 
$5 million dollar stairways
$88 Million dollar art galleries
$250 million cloverleaf intersections
$600 million dollar paths
and the big choker
the $ Billion dollar arena!

All of these show a pirate pillaging the pockets of the overtaxed voter to put the pirates name upon a plack. None of those Billions wasted contributes to the safety of the Edmonton driver driving on the summer potholed roads of Edmonton, or the winter ice clad roads of Edmonton. In Fact all of these white elephant projects do les than nothing for hte safety of the overtaxed voter walking or driving on the wretched roads of Edmonton. for these white elephant projects take away money that could have been better spent on the roads of edmonton, or the homeless of Edmonton, or the overtaxed Voter of Edmonton.

For Leadership in the Mayors chair vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!