the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

LOOK UP! Up in the air of cyberspace! just above this sentance. Is it a shutle craft? No! Is it an alien? No, it is the environmentally friendly Zero emmision VOTE DAVE DOWLING e-blimp, here to give you the good news, And the good news is  Captin Scamdel,  that Dave Dowling who looks to be the only Non-Fringe Candidate  in the upcoming 2007 edmonton civic election, has gathered OVER the 100 signatures needed to stand up for Mayor of Edmonton in the 2007 Edmonton civic election.

I, Dave Dowling just may be the only Candidate to do so (Already have over 100 signatures on the candidate form to stand up for mayor of Edmonton). As far as I know, except for gathering lots more loot in the form of signatures on the bills, Captin Scamdel has never ever had to gather over 25 signatures for an election  Candidate form! 100 may be 75 more than he is able to gather! Where as Dave Dowling has gathered well over 100 signatures in Election after election after election!

Perhaps I better Email him and give him some pointers on how to gather over 100 signatures as Election officials usually reject one or two of them. anyone else, just email me and I will give those pointers away for free!

The Lawyers and such better be checking his( Captin Scamdels) nomination form at least twice! I jnow they check Dave Dowlings forms three or four times!

Looks to be a boring Mayors election, as I bested the scamdel last election in debate after debate after debate. He did so horrid, I started giving him pointers! Sad thing is, he had all that money to spend on adds of Spam. spam was all the Scamdel proablaby has for this election also!

For real leadership in the Mayors Chair, vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!