Don’t blame me Dave Dowling for the following, for I , Dave Dowling am just trying to make it all better! VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton to make it all better!

Yes, indeed, I have noticed that Edmonton has so much more than Toronto or New york.

Just look at the pot holed roads of  Edmonton, so much more pot holed than the roads of Toronto or New York! Why, ours have repairs on top of repairs, on top of repairs! I have not seen four repeated repairs yet, but I am sure those are coming, as I have seen those triple repair jobs in need of more costley patching, as it is election year, so the money will be wasted, to make it look as if someone is doing something!

And Edmonton has the cracking concrete fiasco of Churchill Square! Yes that childrens knee scraping white elephant wonder only cost tens of millions, what other City has such a costly overrun of concrete wonder right in front of thier city hall? Certainly not Toronto or New York. and look at all the CO2 reducing grass that was killed to make way for the concrete wonder!

Edmonton also has the tens of millions dollars park next to the convention center. another white elephant wonder. Toronto does not have a million dollar gazebo, or a million dollar manacured lawn that will need polluting lawn cutters every 5 or so days in the summer in that park next to the convention center. And in that park is also the million dollar staircase! and the million dollar path! new york has no such white elephant wonder!

Edmonton also has the best and most ice convered streets in winter! Ours are so ice clad in winter that there is hundreds of accidents if not thousand sof them every year. New York or Toronto has no where near the accidents per thousands people like Edmonton has!

And of course Edmonton has the J Walters ferry or ferry landing! New york or Toronto has no such dangerous, dilapitated and eyesore of a museam piece rotting away in thier parks! Oh no, edmonton wins in that catagory!

Edmonton also has some of the tastiest water around with its 200 to 350 PPM of only god knows what in it giving it all that taste! I am sure toronto and New Yorks water does not has so much taste in it. If you boil all the Edmonton water out in a distiller, what is left is the taste. that Taste of Edmonton water is a sort of yucky grey sludge with smell!

And where else but Edmonton do people have to work 80 hour weeks to pay the rent or morgage? Not in New york or toronto! and of course edmontons Tent city is far far large than New Yorks or Torontos!

Of course Edmonton has the Scamdel pirate Captin, who just gave himself a $13,000 raise for the job not done on potholes, snow removal and how he raised taxes 150 million  $$ Dollars per year!!!!! New York and Toronto have no where near the tax increases the overtaxed Edmonton voter gets, nor the wage raises the Mayor votes for himself!

Of course there is ever so much more, like $600 million to rip out trees so concrete paths can be poured! And the $$ Billion dollar arena! and the $400,000 parade Float, The $250 million dollar freeway cloverleaf intersection, and the $88 million dollar art gallery, and the $5 million dollar stairway and the large mayors office budget, and the excessive fat cat expense accounts, and who knows what else!

New York or Toronto can only dream of been a city like Edmonton.