pothole fixer E friendly

The City should buy a paving company!


the local search engine shows there is lots of paving companies for sale!

In My Opinion it would be far cheeper to use the capitalistic idea of the City Buying a paving company, rather than the communist idea of going in debt to a bank at credit card rates.

that hundreds of Millions of intrest and Billions of profit could be better spent on tar and gravel for the city owned paving company to use. . .

  Potholed car

Over at the Edmonton sun online was the following snipit of an article where the Mayor admits it will be $10 Billion to fix his not looking after the roads of Edmonton!



It’s going to take 10 years and a whopping $10 billion for the city to catch up on its neglected roads, parks and other infrastructure, says Mayor . . . .

. . .  believes a $10-billion construction and maintenance plan should take care of the majority of Edmonton’s infrastructure shortfalls.

“It doesn’t mean everything is going to be cured in 10 years, but for the most part, I think we’ve got a very good plan that will deal with all the challenges.”

City brass say they can raise about half the cash through federal and provincial grants, along with its own revenue. . . .  said most of the remaining $5 billion could be covered by borrowing against available funding.

“If we lever the money, we believe we can pretty much reach our goal.”
. . . ”

After his six long years on city council neglecting the roads of Edmonton for his pet white elephant tax gobbling projects, It looks af the City of Edmonton will now have to borrow Billions $$$ from the bank of Scamdel. Probably at exhorbant intrest rates to boot.

Yes, Six long years to pillage the tax coffers of Edmonton for white elephant staircases, white elephant art galleries, white elephant arenas, white elephant gazebos, white elephant paths, white elephant parks, and white elephant raises of $13,000. the roads of Edmonton are so neglected, Edmonton must now go in debt for all those white elephant projects. According to the electioneering Mayor of Edmonton!

Yes, it is Election year Edmonton, and this is why your taxed dollars are been ever so flagrently wasted. so it looks as if someone is actually doing thier job, come the time to vote in October in the Edmonton Civic Election.

this election for real Leadership, VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!