July 2007

Art tile says buy more art not buildings88 million and climbing, should have been spent on art! image from: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/story/2005/10/13/gallerydesign_051013.html

It will cost $2 ,514.2857 dollars per square foot of exhibition space!

The building started out at 40 some million dollars. It quickly mushroomed to $60 million dollars in cost, and has now climbed to  $88 Million in cost and it isn’t even started! By the time it is done it will probably cost $ 188 million or more! Unlike the first art gallery, this eye sore that will blind the drivers on the road, is designed. . . not by some one living in edmonton, or alberta or canada, oh no, it is designed by someone from another country! That long flowing white elephant tusk, wrapped around the building, that will blind plane pilots,  looks like it is worth enough money to buy 10 group of seven paintings, and at least 100 paintings from local edmonton artists!

 In My Opinion support of the arts, is supporting the building that houses the art, by putting another $88 million of art work inside the building hanging on the walls. Putting $88 million and more into a building is supporting the property developers, not the art scene.


Has an excellent article on the “current” art gallery in Edmonton, now named the Art Gallery of Alberta! This building was built in 1969 with an addition wing put onto it in 1977.

It is not even 40 years old and the current council wants to tear it down, rubblize it, and make way for a building that will cost at least $88 million dollars!

According to the article the art gallery of Alberta only has $30,000,000 ($30 million) worth of art in it!

Yes, instead of buying 88 million dollars worth of new art to put in the art gallery, council instead wants to demolish a building that was built to last 100 years, 60 years ahead of its lifespan , so a big white elephant $ 88 million dollar behemoth can be built to house a meager $30 million worth of art.

According to council the building is desperately needed! why?, I have no idea why, other than it seams there is 88 million lying around that someone wants to spend spend spend.

Because the current art gallery across from city hall is falling down or something. . . Maybe all that concret is toxic! or there is structural damage that is making it unsafe!

One would think that the art inside would be worth more than the building housing the art inside. Yes, instead of buying up some fantastic art to put in that near empty building , council deems it more nessesary to build a big building. apperantly for an art gallery, the building is more important than the art inside.

Yes, after a mere 40 years, that current art gallery , just isn’t good enough according to some people. There is no engineering studies I have seen that show how the current art gallery building is a decrepid piece of ruin ready to fall down and kill every one inside! But those naysayers are just a hounding on how the current art gallery isn’t good enough, isnt safe enough, isn’t up to code or something.

Whatever that something is, it seams to be shortening the life span of a building built to last 100 years to under half of it’s life span. I drove by that building the other day and did not see any bottom to roof cracks in it!

Of course in this overheated economy, that 88 million dollars will probably mushroom into $188 million dollars or more.  Governments in Alberta have an extensive history of under guesstimating thier white elephant projects.

Architects Donald G. Bittorf and B. James Wensley of the current art gallery are probably having  heart attacks if still alive or spinning over in thier graves if now dead, at the audacity of council to be wanting to tear down the excellent building they designed.

It is not the building that will attract people. It is the artwork inside that people come to view and gaze upon. The building could look like a polluted pig stye, as long as there is art worth seeing in the building people will come into it, to see the art work.

the rumormongering is that some people support the arts!, In My Opinion support of the arts, is supporting the building that houses the art, by putting another $88 million of art work inside the building hanging on the walls. Putting $88 million and more into a building is supporting the property developers, not the art scene.

For real leadership that actually supports the art scene in Edmonton, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.


 Potholed plane flying over Edmonton potholes

From what those expensive toilets cost to put on whyte ave, Buses could have been scheduled to run late at night along whyte ave.
Public transportation is an excellent way to help pollute less and make it so late night revelers are not keeping Whyte ave residents awake, late at night.

Those eye sore toliets are expensive to buy, expensive to haul in to the area and expensive to haul out of the area, and they are expensive to store in some location while they are not in use. And I do believe those toilets are also expensive to have someone clean the pee stains and puke stains off of them.

All those wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars could have been put towards better use, like having some bus drivers work a bus route along whyte ave until the bars close on the weekends.

Bus drives do not make over $50 per hour, and even at $50 per hour, for $ one thousands dollars spent on the eye sore toilets, a bus driver at $50 per hour could have driven for 20 hours along whyte ave, taking late night partiers out of the area! If that bus was running form 1 am to 4 am two nights a week, that bus could be ferrying people out of the Whyte ave area! for just one meager $ thousand $ spent on those eye sore toilets, one bus driver could have been working whyte ave for OVER THREE WEEKENDS! Late at night , providing a fine public service to those people partaking off all the goodness at whyte ave establishments.

The $ hundred of thousand $ of overtaxed voters money could have gone towards a much better plan. A Plan of leadership. A state of the art , top of the line plan, that solves a few woes at the same time.

Instead, Edmonton got more money pissed down the drain on another stupid tax gobbling nightmare, because it is election year.

Late night bus service, we have it on new years eve for free, why not on other nights as well? why not? Because there is no leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, is why not.

For excellent Leadership that serves, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

Electioneering Choo Choo Train


from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in thier report forgot one thing. . . .

Elected officials are elected to serve, not to rule.

A position obtained by election through the Democratic process is also a position of voluntary servitude.

People volunteer to be a Candidate, they do not apply as in a corporation job.
Once elected those elected are elected to serve as representatives in government matters, Candidates do not apply to rule as in corporation CEO jobs, where profit is the bottom line. In those public positions of voluntary servitude, the bottom line is usually essential core services.  A Mayor is elected, not to rule, and have the mayors named carved on white elephant pyrimads, A Mayor is elected to make sure those core services are there, Core services in a City are things like making sure the streets are safe to drive and walk upon. Making sure the buses run on time would be another core service that a city government provides, as is garbage disposal.  there are also other core services that  I have not dwelved into here.

Another core service would be representing the city in dealings with other various governments, like other city governments, the provincial government and once in a while the federal government. A Mayor should be able to stand up to the provincial government when it is needed to secure that whis the city is entitled to, and even the federal government. That same Mayor should also be ready to help those same governments when the situations arise, where the city can help.

The Mayor of a city does not make profit to put in his pocket when the Mayor does so. Corporation CEO’s though, rarely do anything unless money is put in thier pockets and the shareholders pockets. . .  Mayors have no majority vote in elections , like CEOs, do when dealing with corporate board matters.

the Canadian F Taxpayers Federation seams to have forgotton that government is unlike a corporation at all. A Mayor is nothing at all like a corporation CEO, and has totally different responsibilities. A Corporation CEO only has the responsiblitiy to make profit. A Mayor has far more responsibilities than a Corporation CEO. A Corporation CEO is usually there because there is barrels of profit to be made and usually is compensated like sports players are. the better a corporation CEO does, the more they get paid, just like most sports offer to the players of them. Unlike a Mayor, who as I pointed out, is there to make sure the standard of living is enjoyed by all, and raised whenever it can be.

A Mayor is more like a socialist than a fascist CEO of a major Corporation. And as pointed out the Mayor of a City actually works for ALL THE PEOPLE of that city. and nowhere does the employee get more than the boss, except in politics today.

In the city of Edmonton, where I Dave Dowling am a Candidate for Mayor, the mayor and rest of council get paid far too much. The canadian federation of taxpayers should not of just been saying wages should have stayed still, they should of been clamoring for those wages of the council of the city of Edmonton to have gone down. . . Between the mayor and 12 councilors they spend almost 4 million of the overtaxed voters money.

That is far too much money that could be going towards fixing the potholes, cleaning the ice off those streets, and perhaps even helping the homeless.

For real Leadership, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

The environmental friendly vote dave dowling vehicle 

Compressed Air, electric, hydrogen, all of these could be powering vehicles in Edmonton. Unfortuantly, such plants that manufacture non-polluting vehicles need land to be built on. Edmonton alone could most likely make one profitable, and there is the rest of the world that would like such things.

I am sure there is lots of corporations that would be interested in such an excellent way to help solving the environmental woes we face today. As would be the consuming public of edmonton. Lots of people would love to buy a made in Edmonton non-polluting vehicle.

Most such vehicles would be excellent for inter city transportation, and would benifit the people of Edmonton, more than an billions of dollars expensive high speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton. All those government $ Billions $ would be better spent on giving every Albertan a non-polluting vehicle to drive.

$ ten billion $ divided by 3 million people is thousands of Dollars to spend on those vehicles!

Of course though, it takes leadership in the Mayors chair to come up with such excellent state of the art ideas to help stop the air turning brown, and the water turning the same ugly color of pollution.

For real Leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton’s chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

 the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

The various tent cities cropping up in Edmonton do not look to be families enjoying thier summer holidays camping. In fact most of these people look to be desperate to find some real housing. Real housing is a solid roof over ones head, not one that flaps in the wind, and every time someone on council thinks the tent city should be removed.

Sure it is fine to remove tent cities, once the people there has real housing to go to. but to do so , just to make they all go and “camp” elsewhere is just wrong, no matter what.

The city could be doing more to help solve such a horrid problem. the city could be using city owned buildings to house these people. the city could also be approaching the province for some provincial help. Schools could be used to temporary house these people until more permament shelter is found for them. There is a slew of things the city can be doing instead of forcing people to move from “campground” to “campground.” Those modular trailer housing units that are used in the oil patch could be set up on city owned land. A police building or firehall could be used for temporary housing. the Media could give free advertising to people renting out low cost rooms in thier houses! The City could create a couple of new campgrounds! There is lots of city parks that already have toliets, showers, campstoves, and the room to put up campsites.

There is lots than can be done to make sure the only tent cities in Edmonton are real campers out enjoying thier summer vacation.

for solutions to the problems at minimum cost to the overtaxed voter of Edmonton, Vote Dave Dowling for leadership in the Mayors chair.

No Pirates in politics please 

Once again, I must defend my excellent reputation and state of the art top of the line platform from the crackpots that use the million dollar corporation and the Million dollar printing presses and the million dollar delivery system to  trashtext. I do my defending from trashtext with state of the art, top of the line web bloging using www.wordpress.com ‘s free blog service.  thanks to services like www.wordpress.com and the excellent people that run www.wordpress.com one town gutterrags will soon be going the way of the dinos. www.wordpress.com and such sites are the news media of this millenium.

Of course, such excellent papers like the Edmonton sun http://www.edmontonsun.com/ which keep up with the times will probably survive and be excellent sources of online news worthy of reposting on blog after blog with quotation marks and credit and links provided. .

anyways on to an article posted mon july 16 2007 froms crackpot writters gutterrag website. Written by crackpot writter.

“. . . The question, for me, is one of credibility in a candidate. In the past, some fringe candidates ran farcical campaigns. Their 15 minutes of fame mocked the process.

Not that I necessarily put Dowling is in that category. . . ”

Now a quote from crackpot writters article from a year or so ago titled. . . . . “Crackpots need not apply”

“We had eight candidates for mayor in 2004. Three of them were credibull “(My worthy typo is noted) (he names the three). . . . . and then crackpot boy says of the other five candidates “Each of the other fringe five. . . “!

 In todays partial post at crackpot boys gutterrag, he say I may not be a fringe candidate, and he has so few brain cells he has forgotten the article he wrote about a year ago, where He clearly labeled Dave Dowling, the non-fringe Candidate as a fringe candidate not worthy to be in the democratic process!

He goes on in the article to laugh over the unsafe pot holed streets of Edmonton, and believes the Mayor has no influence on the city police force!

Crackpot boy is not just a proven name spewer, he’s now a proven LIAR, besides been a proven PARTIAL wantabe writter.

He has no credibility whatsoever.

Unlike Dave Dowling, non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.

Your better off, getting your election coverage from  where the real reporting is done:

the Edmonton sun http://www.edmontonsun.com/or ,

http://www.google.ca/ where such crackpot wantabe writters look to get all thier articles.

 Potholed car

Potholes are no laughing matter, as some crackpot writters wish them to be. Probably because those crackpot writters are actually on the Scamdels payroll to putforth good press about the Scamdels, hence the label of crackpot Skott.

And for a writter, who apperantly covers civic stuff, the partiality is off the scale! Here I thought there is supose to be IMpartiality in the media during elections, and all some have to spew in the major media is partiality up the ying yang, with the racist back biting attempt at being a columnist.

Impartiality in the media is a prerequisite for a democratic society.

Democracy is about being equal, and such should exist in Major Media during the election process.

As I said before and will say again. When someone has a job of covering a major election for a major media, they, not only have a responsibility, but a duty to remain IMpartial, when they are not, some writters should be covering kiddies birthday parties, not actual events like civic elections. . . .

Like Potholes, some candidates for Mayor of Edmonton would rather spend the overtaxed voters money on $billion dollar white elephant projects, rather than do thier job and make sure the streets of Edmonton are safe to drive on! In fact the current pirate at the helm (Mayor) did NOT do his job for the last 6 years.

6 years of white elephant spending now has Edmonton spending TEN TIMES what it normally spends on pot hole repairs, and a crisis of titanic in debt spending about to happen. Because of course, the current Mayor of Edmonton has no plan to make the roads of Edmonton safe to drive on. It looks as if hos plan is to destroy the streets even more with the repairs o ntop of repairs on top of repairs!

In My Opinion  once there is a repair on top of a repair its time to repave! which is why the city should buy a paving company instead of squandering Billions of dollars of profit and Hundreds of millions of dollars of intrest to foreign banks and foreign companies, Money better spent on tar and gravel In My Opinion.

Safe streets meen fewer traffic fatalities.

For safe clean streets, and leadership in the Mayors Chair,  Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!

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