the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

1 Chop the mayors wage, perks, fat cat expense accounts and ditto to the  city councils wages by at least 1/2. this results in around 1 to 2 million dollars in savings.

2 Switch the Edmonton city phones to shaw! This also would result in savings.

3 Chop all the frivolust spending on white elephant projects. This could actually save hundreds of millions of dollars. Get those rich oil companies and others that have those billions of profits to build those money sucking white elephant projects!

4 Buy a paving company or 4. Pouring the profits back into a city owned paving company would result in more tar and gravel for roads instead of profits for out of town construction companies and banks.

5 run a balanced budget, and do not borrow! This also saves drastic amounts of millions. Borrowing $5,000,000,000 (five Billion dollars) causes intrest in the millions upon millions of dollars that would be better spent on tar and gravel.

6 Stop enforcing stupid old laws. Such a leadership example would enable the police to actually serve and protect instead of terrorizing and double taxing. It would also save money, as less officers would be tied up in court on double or triple time wages.

Just six, count ’em, six  of many examples of leadership initiatives that would save Edmonton so much looooot, The city could afford to repave the roads, clean the ice of those same roads and perhaps even start looking after the homeless problem.

For a greater and far better Edmonton, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.