No Pirates in politics please

Has the horrid story by Frank Landry on how the Current Mayor of Edmonton believes that Edmonton troops overseas do not have the right to vote in the upcoming civic election!

The curent Mayor of Edmonton wants to spend millions upon millions on a staircase, but does not want to spend the hundred or so on stamps, envelopes and mail in ballots!

It seams the Mayor of Edmonton believes the Canadian armed forces are only grunts that should go and die when told to.

Apperantly if they are overseas they are not allowed to Vote in the upcoming Edmonton civic election!

Triple shame on the Mayor of Edmonton for NOT supporting all those troops overseas defending the Mayors right to dream up new fangled ways to tax the overtaxed voter of Edmonton.

Quadruple shame on the Mayor of Edmonton for putting useless and stupid white elephant projects before the rights and freedoms of the edmonton garrison troops overseas protecting Edmonton.

Capt. Lou Marselje, public affairs officer at Edmonton Garrison is correct and most right, overseas troops should always have the rights and ways to vote in every election they are entitled to vote in.

I Dave Dowling believe every member of the armed forces should have the right and the means to Vote in every election they are entitled to vote in.

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton