Where is the money

Campaign cash is the holy gravey of the politician running.

The current Mayor of edmnton spent almost $1,000,000 in the 2004 edmonton civic election for Mayor of Edmonton. and as you can see, Edmonton got exactly what the Mayor paid for. a useless leader, whos only concern seams to be raising the taxes so he can enjoy $13,000 raises. Unless it is election year. then in election years the taxpayers tax money is wasted beyond belief. Just look at the potholed patched streets of potmonton! Potmonton because of course of the fourth world road systems that have patches on top of patches.

Because of course, it is election year, so the annual pothole fixing budget has been quadrupled or tenfolded or something. This is done so it looks like someone is actually doing something. When they are not.

Patches on top of patches on top of patches is still unsafe roads. When those roads have been so neglected because of white elephant building, thats proof of a Mayor NOT been a mayor.

This is why some Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton in 2007 needs pirate hoards of Campaign cash. Because they really have nothing of intrest to you, the overtaxed voter of Edmonton. all they have is piles of cash to spend on advertisements of spam. advertisements of spam are those things that you see all over that end up in the landfills after elections. Spam really has nothing in it except some fearmongering, vote for blah blah blah, and some maple syrup imaging to stimulate your senses into thinking that voting for blah blah blah will do something good for Edmonton.

Campaign cash is usually given to the various media for those serving sof brightly colored spam that appear in the mailbox, on the lawns and tvs.

elections should not be about who can raise the most money to give to the major media, as they are now.

this is one of the reasons why I Dave Dowling will not be accepting any campaign cash donations.

Because I, Dave Dowling do have more than spam.

Proof of this is this web site, chalk full of pertenet information, that you can read all day long for free, with no damage done to any forest or tree for an add of spam.

I myself do not like spam, and believe a majority of people in Edmonton do not like spam either.

If you want spam, go to the other Candidates web sites, there you will probably be able to feast upon spam till your gut bursts!

Here though, here you will only find state of the art, top of the line typos filled with wonderous campaign platform material that will only benifit all of Edmonton.

Clean safe roads to drive and walk upon are always a benifit to all that use such wonderous things in life.

For a greater and better Edmonton Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.