the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

Yes, Scott McKeen In My Opinion is a crackpot writter that should be only covering kiddies birthday parties and not Edmonton civic elections.

I just reread an article by this sad writter entitled “crackpots need not apply” that crackpot scott wrote about a year ago. In this article  hwere crackpot scott quotes Dave Dowling, crackpot mckeen called 5 of the Candidates in the last Mayor of edmonton election fringe candidates, and inferred they are crackpots, like himself.

I , Dave Dowling, may be disabled, but crackpot I am not. I believe in lowering the Mayors wages, making sure the streets are safe to drive, walk, and cycle on, and that things like homeless and pollution have solutions. these are not Fringe things like billion dollar arenas, million dollar staircases and $13,000 raises for the Mayor!

Scott Crackpot goes on in the article to say that candidates for mayor should have to gather a thousand signatures on the nomination form, and in a mocking tone of totalitarian dictatorship he suggests that the fee should be increased also. Crackpot scotts looks to believe that putting impedements in the way of potential candidates is a good and glorious thing to do in democracies.

Yes, according to crackpot scott, only the rich with lots of money should be allowed to run in Elections for Mayor.

With crackpot scott, it looks as if media impartiality is gone. Crackpot scott,  if covering the edmonton municipal election will probably label Dave Dowling a fringe candidate, and declare Scamdel the only real person worth voting for.

Yes, crackpot scott must figure people who want higher taxes, and billion dollar white elephant arenas, and pot holed roads are the only candidates to vote for, and anyone thinking a $13,000 raise for the Mayor is outragous must be a fringe candidate in crackpot scotts partiality eyeballs.

Yes, according to crackpot scott the wantabe writter, Dave Dowling is a fringe candidate because Dave Dowling believes the roads should be fixed before $Billion dollar white elephants are built.

In My Opinion crackpot scott believes a candidate wanting to chop the Mayors wages down to a reasonable level is a fringe candidate not worth Voting for!

Crackpot scott’s  newsrag dosent even have online acess like the great and excellent Edmonton Sun has!

Democracy and elections should not be about putting impedements in the way of Candidates.

Potholed roads are not safe. With a billion dollar per year budget, the roads of Edmonton should be in better shape! Oviously the Mayor is not doing his job. safe streets mean lower traffic fatalities.

Crackpot scott should move to China , where his one party system is there, with no “fringe” candidates., like he seams to like. There crackpot scott, could be a smiling happy reporter that only writes what the one party system tells him to write.

That is where the slippery slope of trying to stiffle competition in a democratic system by raising candidate fees and raising signature requirements leeds to.  A totalitarian dictatorship where no one has rights, not even the reporters.

For a Strong and free Edmonton, vote for the non-fringe candidate, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.