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http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Canada/2007/07/09/4324935-sun.html has an excellent article

whereas, at the following gutterrag


Has a diatribe ranting by the crackpot wantabe writter, where he proves he is more of a comedian than a writter. In fact that horrid piece of trash talk is about normal for the rag of a gutter he attempts to write for.

Crackpot boy, looks to be short a few cells in his rather bald and rather shiney noggan, as he can not remember the name of the “former” Marijuana party candidate who stood in the last Edmonton civic election and is standing in this election, me, Dave Dowling. And here I will quote one of his rather dissing and very partial remark. “Note to Marijuana Party candidates: The first election forum is Monday, September 24. Start looking for your car keys now!”

Oh my, haha, did crackpot wantabe dig that rather old dinosaur up from his great-grandmas pocket? His half attempt at dissing humor is just that, 1/2 attempt.

And the rest of his sorry half-attempt at writting is about the same, sad, lame, and chalk full of looser material, sort of like other candidates election platform!

Crackpot wantabe even tries to emulate what I do with his five year old attempt at making a new word up like Scamdel. sorry crackpot wantabe but your “slooming” is just that. A sad and sorry half attempt to emulate and copy, Dave Dowling, your #1 Non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton! a six year old could have done a better job!

Yes, unlike crackpot scott, I agree with Health Canada, which lets people legally take their medicine, the senate report, the house of commons report, the ledain commision report, and the vast mountain of scientific evidence, that shows Marijuana should not be prohibited.  I believe and know children in school should be getting an education and not be subjected to been with serial killers and rapists in jail for having a herb that helps people deal with life.  Unlike crackpot scott, who proabably In My Opinion salivates at the thought of children been locked up in jail with serial killers and rapists.

Crackpot scott should move to China, for there in thier one party system, they also laugh at democracy and the concept of elections.

I suppose the gutterrag he writes for also has his dim view of democracy and elections.

Which I, Dave Dowling do not have, I , Dave Dowling, know democracy is excellent and wonderous, and good for everyone and that totalitarian dictatorships which crackpot boys gutterrag support, and which china has are horrid systems that believe justice is a bullet to the back of the head.

For real leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton’s chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!