the Robin says

The sourdough raft race was postponed because of the damage done to twillegar park.

There on the riverbank that use to be there for people to walk down to . . was a pit full of water, a pit full of mud and a pit full of construction equipment, and now a fenced off area.

What was suppose to be a five week dry docking of the Edmonton Queen for inspection has turned into a five month long plan of park destruction.

A dry dock could have been built where the delapitated walters ferry landing is. And an eye sore of a museam piece could have been rehabilitated.

and a pristine piece of parkland, where people like to walk down to the river at, and launch the sour dough raft race from, could have been in that pristine coundition today.

Yes, the prime piece of a park was totally devestated for a temporty dry dock.

And now the area has been replace with manicured and probably imported grass seed, instead of the wild stuff that is there.

Picnic sites cost around $20 per hour to rent.

The area ruined at twillegar park is at least 20 time the size of any picnic area.

And it has been months upon months this area of terwillegar park has been wrecked.

Who paid for terwillegar park?

Who footed the bill?

Who paid for the large hole to be dug, flooded, and filled and groomed?

And how much did it all cost the overtaxed voter of Edmonton?

and what, what has the Mayor to do with it all? Why did he let such a wrecking of a park happen?

And why isnt Scott Mccracken rof whatever his name is, reporting on something like this?

Or does he spend all his time at work using the net, reading the works of better writters, like

Dave Dowling, the non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton?