The Vote Dave Dowling hypno tile

Why is it, that this year, when labour costs are so high, that the city of Edmonton is spending up to TEN TIMES what it normally spends on Pot hole Repairs?

Could this be happening , because it is ELECTION YEAR? And someone wants everyone to think they are doing something good to fix the pot hole roads of Edmonton?

And where, oh where, is all that extra money coming from? Is someone putting the overtaxed voter in DEBT?

And how ever so much is being spent on wrecking the roads even more, with the patches on top of patches on top of patches?

Usually only the equivelent of city council and the mayors salary is spent on fixing pot holes in Edmonton, but this year, it looks as if HUNDREDS of MILLIONS are being wasted putting patches on top of patches on top of patches because it is election year! Was all this extra wasting of the overtaxed voters money budgeted for? Is there heaps of intrest going to some foreign bank?  Is other desparately needed capital projects being put on hold, just so it looks like the potholed roads are being fixed, when they are not?

Yes, people of Edmonton it is election year, and that is why , your money is been wasted. It is a Scamdel of horrific proportions draining the overtaxed voters pockets like the way water drains down a toilet. . .  wasting the taxpayers money for electioneering purposes should be illegal.

For real Accountability to the voter in the Mayor of Edmonton’s Chair, Vote DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton