the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

For Years Dave Dowling has been saying there is no Marijuana Laws in Canada, even though such as Left Coast Emery were disagreeing with Dave Dowling on this matter, well now a Judge is agreeing Dave Dowling was and is most correct beyond belief!

“and from the Edmonton Sun

TORONTO — Prosecutors say they plan to launch a speedy appeal of a Toronto judge’s ruling that Canada’s marijuana possession laws are unconstitutional.

CBC News reports the judge made the ruling in dismissing charges against a 29-year-old Toronto man charged with possession of 3.5 grams of pot.

The man’s lawyer argued that the federal government made it policy, under Health Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, to provide marijuana for medicinal purposes, but never made it a law.

CBC News reports that Judge Howard Borenstein agreed that this brought all possession laws into question and dismissed the charges. ”

Borenstein says he’ll wait two weeks before making his ruling official.

Defence lawyer Brian McAllister told the CBC that the ramifications of the ruling, if it stands, could be “pretty big.”