3 eyed parrot says “Vote Dave DOwling”


Has an article on brownish colored air and how it is bad to breath such wretched stuff. Dave Dowling is all for having blueish colored air to breath. By implementing pedestrian or non-polluting vehicle only zones is one way to do such things. another would be for the Mayor to take the bus to work. another excellent way is to make sure all city owned vehicles are as non-polluting as possible. Property tax incentives is another way for the people of Edmonton to have a plan to help keep blue airs in the sky instead of brownish colored air, that created 3 eyed parrots. Property tax incentives is where you lower peoples property taxes by a certain amount because they buy an electric vehicle. . .

So too is getting the province and Canada government to cough up some funds for keeping air blueish or clear in color.

All it really takes is that thing named Leadership in the Mayors chair.

For real Leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.