The Last three years or so, Dave Dowling, candidate for Mayor of Edmonton,  has been pointing out this exact argument as to why there is no Marijuana Laws in Canada. Because Parliment has not yet written new laws to replace those old dead laws declared unconstitutional by the courts! The Scamdel of Edmonton knew this.

Meanwhile the Scamdel of Edmonton has allowed the Edmonton police to keep charging people with a charge unknown to law. Just like he has done for the last three years. . . The Scamdel of Edmonton has let a “green team” run rampant over the rights and freedoms of the people of Edmonton. Yes, the Scamdel of Edmonton has let police be in schools, subjecting the children of Edmonton to illegal searches, If there is no judge issuing that search warrent to search, the search is illegal!,  illegal questioning people without a lawyer presant, and illegally charging some of them with a charge unknown to law.

In the following article the following sentance is quiet revealing “Prosecutors told CBC News they want a speedy appeal to overturn the decision.” the word try is not in that sentance. I suppose it only takes a couple of weeks to work a judge over, threaten the judges family, flatten his tires, pour sugar in the gas tank, and all those other wretched things those “crown” persecutors will do to a judge so he rules exactley how the “crown” persecutors tell the judge to rule.  this is why the word “try” is not in that sentance, because the “crown” persecutors already have a “higher” justice in thier back pockets, ready to rule just like they tell that back pocket justice to rule. . .

All the Marijuana charges laid by the Edmonton city police, because Scamdel of Edmonton had no leadership abilities, should be thrown out.

Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and freedoms clearly states that if the Harper of Quebec can light em up in Ontario, so too can the people of Edmonton light then up here in Edmonton.

Will the Scamdel of Edmonton show some leadership and tell the Edmonton police to stop bothering people over a beneficial plant named Marijuana?

Probably not, In My Opinion, the scamdel of Edmonton would probably rather appoint some crackpot like scott McKracken to the green team, and giver them some brass knuckles and aluminum baseball bats to run wild on the children of Edmonton, looking for some of that green stuff in thier pockets or lockers with no search warrent signed by a judge of course, so those children can be locked up with serial killers and rapists.

Yes, Dave Dowling has a very and rather low opinion of those who have for the last three years, and still want to lock children up with serial killers and rapists because of a charge unknown to law.

“the following is from:

A Toronto judge has ruled that Canada’s pot possession laws are unconstitutional after a man argued the country’s medicinal marijuana regulations are flawed.

The 29-year-old Toronto resident had been charged with possession of about 3.5 grams or roughly $45 dollars worth of marijuana.

The man has no medical issues and doesn’t want a medical exemption to smoke marijuana. In 2001, Health Canada implemented the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, which allow access to marijuana to people who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses.

In court, the man argued that the federal government only made it policy to provide marijuana to those who need it, but never made it an actual law. Because of that, he argued, all possession laws, whether medicinal or not, should be quashed.

The judge agreed and dismissed the charges.

“The government told the public not to worry about access to marijuana,” said Judge Howard Borenstein. “They have a policy but not law.… In my view that is unconstitutional.”

Defence lawyer Brian McAllister, who represented the man, said the ramifications of the ruling have potential to be “pretty big.”

“Obviously, there’s thousands of people that get charged with this offence every year,” he said.

McAllister said Ontario residents charged with possessing marijuana now have a new defence.

“That’s probably why the government will likely appeal the decision,” he said.

Borenstein has given prosecutors two weeks before he makes his ruling official. Prosecutors told CBC News they want a speedy appeal to overturn the decision.

“For the time being, nothing changes,” Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said about how the force deals with marijuana possession. “We have to wait and see what happens with the process through the courts.”” has a poll that shows 80% of people believe it should be legalized!