Potholed car

Potholes are no laughing matter, as some crackpot writters wish them to be. Probably because those crackpot writters are actually on the Scamdels payroll to putforth good press about the Scamdels, hence the label of crackpot Skott.

And for a writter, who apperantly covers civic stuff, the partiality is off the scale! Here I thought there is supose to be IMpartiality in the media during elections, and all some have to spew in the major media is partiality up the ying yang, with the racist back biting attempt at being a columnist.

Impartiality in the media is a prerequisite for a democratic society.

Democracy is about being equal, and such should exist in Major Media during the election process.

As I said before and will say again. When someone has a job of covering a major election for a major media, they, not only have a responsibility, but a duty to remain IMpartial, when they are not, some writters should be covering kiddies birthday parties, not actual events like civic elections. . . .

Like Potholes, some candidates for Mayor of Edmonton would rather spend the overtaxed voters money on $billion dollar white elephant projects, rather than do thier job and make sure the streets of Edmonton are safe to drive on! In fact the current pirate at the helm (Mayor) did NOT do his job for the last 6 years.

6 years of white elephant spending now has Edmonton spending TEN TIMES what it normally spends on pot hole repairs, and a crisis of titanic in debt spending about to happen. Because of course, the current Mayor of Edmonton has no plan to make the roads of Edmonton safe to drive on. It looks as if hos plan is to destroy the streets even more with the repairs o ntop of repairs on top of repairs!

In My Opinion  once there is a repair on top of a repair its time to repave! which is why the city should buy a paving company instead of squandering Billions of dollars of profit and Hundreds of millions of dollars of intrest to foreign banks and foreign companies, Money better spent on tar and gravel In My Opinion.

Safe streets meen fewer traffic fatalities.

For safe clean streets, and leadership in the Mayors Chair,  Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!