No Pirates in politics please 

Once again, I must defend my excellent reputation and state of the art top of the line platform from the crackpots that use the million dollar corporation and the Million dollar printing presses and the million dollar delivery system to  trashtext. I do my defending from trashtext with state of the art, top of the line web bloging using ‘s free blog service.  thanks to services like and the excellent people that run one town gutterrags will soon be going the way of the dinos. and such sites are the news media of this millenium.

Of course, such excellent papers like the Edmonton sun which keep up with the times will probably survive and be excellent sources of online news worthy of reposting on blog after blog with quotation marks and credit and links provided. .

anyways on to an article posted mon july 16 2007 froms crackpot writters gutterrag website. Written by crackpot writter.

“. . . The question, for me, is one of credibility in a candidate. In the past, some fringe candidates ran farcical campaigns. Their 15 minutes of fame mocked the process.

Not that I necessarily put Dowling is in that category. . . ”

Now a quote from crackpot writters article from a year or so ago titled. . . . . “Crackpots need not apply”

“We had eight candidates for mayor in 2004. Three of them were credibull “(My worthy typo is noted) (he names the three). . . . . and then crackpot boy says of the other five candidates “Each of the other fringe five. . . “!

 In todays partial post at crackpot boys gutterrag, he say I may not be a fringe candidate, and he has so few brain cells he has forgotten the article he wrote about a year ago, where He clearly labeled Dave Dowling, the non-fringe Candidate as a fringe candidate not worthy to be in the democratic process!

He goes on in the article to laugh over the unsafe pot holed streets of Edmonton, and believes the Mayor has no influence on the city police force!

Crackpot boy is not just a proven name spewer, he’s now a proven LIAR, besides been a proven PARTIAL wantabe writter.

He has no credibility whatsoever.

Unlike Dave Dowling, non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.

Your better off, getting your election coverage from  where the real reporting is done:

the Edmonton sun , where such crackpot wantabe writters look to get all thier articles.