the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

The various tent cities cropping up in Edmonton do not look to be families enjoying thier summer holidays camping. In fact most of these people look to be desperate to find some real housing. Real housing is a solid roof over ones head, not one that flaps in the wind, and every time someone on council thinks the tent city should be removed.

Sure it is fine to remove tent cities, once the people there has real housing to go to. but to do so , just to make they all go and “camp” elsewhere is just wrong, no matter what.

The city could be doing more to help solve such a horrid problem. the city could be using city owned buildings to house these people. the city could also be approaching the province for some provincial help. Schools could be used to temporary house these people until more permament shelter is found for them. There is a slew of things the city can be doing instead of forcing people to move from “campground” to “campground.” Those modular trailer housing units that are used in the oil patch could be set up on city owned land. A police building or firehall could be used for temporary housing. the Media could give free advertising to people renting out low cost rooms in thier houses! The City could create a couple of new campgrounds! There is lots of city parks that already have toliets, showers, campstoves, and the room to put up campsites.

There is lots than can be done to make sure the only tent cities in Edmonton are real campers out enjoying thier summer vacation.

for solutions to the problems at minimum cost to the overtaxed voter of Edmonton, Vote Dave Dowling for leadership in the Mayors chair.