The environmental friendly vote dave dowling vehicle 

Compressed Air, electric, hydrogen, all of these could be powering vehicles in Edmonton. Unfortuantly, such plants that manufacture non-polluting vehicles need land to be built on. Edmonton alone could most likely make one profitable, and there is the rest of the world that would like such things.

I am sure there is lots of corporations that would be interested in such an excellent way to help solving the environmental woes we face today. As would be the consuming public of edmonton. Lots of people would love to buy a made in Edmonton non-polluting vehicle.

Most such vehicles would be excellent for inter city transportation, and would benifit the people of Edmonton, more than an billions of dollars expensive high speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton. All those government $ Billions $ would be better spent on giving every Albertan a non-polluting vehicle to drive.

$ ten billion $ divided by 3 million people is thousands of Dollars to spend on those vehicles!

Of course though, it takes leadership in the Mayors chair to come up with such excellent state of the art ideas to help stop the air turning brown, and the water turning the same ugly color of pollution.

For real Leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton’s chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!