Electioneering Choo Choo Train


from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in thier report forgot one thing. . . .

Elected officials are elected to serve, not to rule.

A position obtained by election through the Democratic process is also a position of voluntary servitude.

People volunteer to be a Candidate, they do not apply as in a corporation job.
Once elected those elected are elected to serve as representatives in government matters, Candidates do not apply to rule as in corporation CEO jobs, where profit is the bottom line. In those public positions of voluntary servitude, the bottom line is usually essential core services.  A Mayor is elected, not to rule, and have the mayors named carved on white elephant pyrimads, A Mayor is elected to make sure those core services are there, Core services in a City are things like making sure the streets are safe to drive and walk upon. Making sure the buses run on time would be another core service that a city government provides, as is garbage disposal.  there are also other core services that  I have not dwelved into here.

Another core service would be representing the city in dealings with other various governments, like other city governments, the provincial government and once in a while the federal government. A Mayor should be able to stand up to the provincial government when it is needed to secure that whis the city is entitled to, and even the federal government. That same Mayor should also be ready to help those same governments when the situations arise, where the city can help.

The Mayor of a city does not make profit to put in his pocket when the Mayor does so. Corporation CEO’s though, rarely do anything unless money is put in thier pockets and the shareholders pockets. . .  Mayors have no majority vote in elections , like CEOs, do when dealing with corporate board matters.

the Canadian F Taxpayers Federation seams to have forgotton that government is unlike a corporation at all. A Mayor is nothing at all like a corporation CEO, and has totally different responsibilities. A Corporation CEO only has the responsiblitiy to make profit. A Mayor has far more responsibilities than a Corporation CEO. A Corporation CEO is usually there because there is barrels of profit to be made and usually is compensated like sports players are. the better a corporation CEO does, the more they get paid, just like most sports offer to the players of them. Unlike a Mayor, who as I pointed out, is there to make sure the standard of living is enjoyed by all, and raised whenever it can be.

A Mayor is more like a socialist than a fascist CEO of a major Corporation. And as pointed out the Mayor of a City actually works for ALL THE PEOPLE of that city. and nowhere does the employee get more than the boss, except in politics today.

In the city of Edmonton, where I Dave Dowling am a Candidate for Mayor, the mayor and rest of council get paid far too much. The canadian federation of taxpayers should not of just been saying wages should have stayed still, they should of been clamoring for those wages of the council of the city of Edmonton to have gone down. . . Between the mayor and 12 councilors they spend almost 4 million of the overtaxed voters money.

That is far too much money that could be going towards fixing the potholes, cleaning the ice off those streets, and perhaps even helping the homeless.

For real Leadership, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.