Potholed plane flying over Edmonton potholes

From what those expensive toilets cost to put on whyte ave, Buses could have been scheduled to run late at night along whyte ave.
Public transportation is an excellent way to help pollute less and make it so late night revelers are not keeping Whyte ave residents awake, late at night.

Those eye sore toliets are expensive to buy, expensive to haul in to the area and expensive to haul out of the area, and they are expensive to store in some location while they are not in use. And I do believe those toilets are also expensive to have someone clean the pee stains and puke stains off of them.

All those wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars could have been put towards better use, like having some bus drivers work a bus route along whyte ave until the bars close on the weekends.

Bus drives do not make over $50 per hour, and even at $50 per hour, for $ one thousands dollars spent on the eye sore toilets, a bus driver at $50 per hour could have driven for 20 hours along whyte ave, taking late night partiers out of the area! If that bus was running form 1 am to 4 am two nights a week, that bus could be ferrying people out of the Whyte ave area! for just one meager $ thousand $ spent on those eye sore toilets, one bus driver could have been working whyte ave for OVER THREE WEEKENDS! Late at night , providing a fine public service to those people partaking off all the goodness at whyte ave establishments.

The $ hundred of thousand $ of overtaxed voters money could have gone towards a much better plan. A Plan of leadership. A state of the art , top of the line plan, that solves a few woes at the same time.

Instead, Edmonton got more money pissed down the drain on another stupid tax gobbling nightmare, because it is election year.

Late night bus service, we have it on new years eve for free, why not on other nights as well? why not? Because there is no leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, is why not.

For excellent Leadership that serves, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!