August 2007

Has some on the $$88 million  dollars and climbing white elephant art gallery. Currently there is only $30,000,000 of art in the building.

Most government projects like churchhill square have a habit of costing far more than what they were projected to cost.

88 million and climbing, should have been spent on art! Look at that image of it! money that would have been better squandered on more art, or a school for local artists, or funky artistic lightpole decorations for the roads. Instead it looks like the property developers are been supported!

$88 million taxed dollars and climbing! Climbing like all government squandering seam to climb.  Given to the property developers instead of to the artists. I suppose the admission price will be so outrageous to cover the cost overruns that most Edmontonians will only see the outside.  The blinding mirrored outside that will blind drivers, pedestrians, pilots and probably endangered wildlife flying with the seasons.

For a couple of thousand of bucks of spray paint, they could have had local artists tag the outside of what was there, and that would have looked more artistic than this foreign designed white elephant with the curving tusk that looks to be worth enough cash to buy the entire group of seven collections.

An $88 million and climbing eye sore to house a mere $30 million of art work is part of the problem. The current building was not faling down, and as far as I know “was built to last another 50 years.  Leadership would be instead of the eye sore white elephant, buying $50 million of artwork to put around the city,  putting 10 million in to an art school, and another $10 million into poverty solving art programs.  that would leave 18 million for some additions.

It is not the building that will bring the art loving people, it is the art that brings the people.

Leadership in the Arts is not supporting property developers, it is supporting the art, and the artists that create such wonderous art.

For real leadership, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!


 88 million and climbing, should have been spent on art!

Leaders lead the way,, leaving the typos to the editors and I , Dave Dowling, candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, shall show some of that leadership ability here.

I , Dave Dowling say: Cut council and the Mayors bloated wages, outrageous perks, and obsence fat cat expense accounts by at least 1/2.  This saves close to 2,000,000 dollars ($2,000,000.00 ) per year. A Mayors wage of almost $200,000 is part of the problem not the solution

Dave Dowling also says: Take those at least ten police out of the schools, this saves at least another $500,000 dollars. Do not build the $500,000 float to tour other city parades. Stop the fringe ideas like yo-yo giveaways in foreign lands.

And I , Dave Dowling also say: Take a chain saw to the budget, line by line, word by word, chop anything that is non-essential. Stop all the fringe spending. This example of leadership could possibly save hundreds of millions of dollars.

And I, Dave Dowling will also say Lobby the other levels of government for infrastructure funding. point out that at least 1/2 of the province uses edmontons roads. Where is the promised 5% of the gas tax for roads and such that the federal government promised? Use some of these savings to repave the potholed roads in an economical way, like investing in a paving company or four. Or buying a tar plant, or a gravel quarrey. And the Municipal could also look at getting corporations to help out by selling the naming rights to streets and overpasses to them. Use some of those savings to help save the environment and perhaps put a percentage aside to start solving those poverty and homeless issues.

Leadership is all about those problem solving abilities and ideas that makes a city a city worth living in and doing things in. as it states in

” part 2 of the

The Municipal Government Act

“c) recognize that the functions of the municipality are to

    (i) provide good government,

    (ii) provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality, and

    (iii) develop and maintain safe and viable communities.”

The vote dave Dowling lightning bolt!Leadership.

Some have it, some just pretent to have it. The t in pretent is for all those tents at Scamdelville (tent city.), and the missing D for Leadership is in the name of Dave Dowling, Candidate Standing for Mayor of Edmonton.  the Environment, 23 ave, tent city, potholes, infrastructure, out of control council costs, all have solutions and those solutions are here at this web site, Environmentally friendly campaign headquarters of Dave Dowling candidate for Mayor of Edmonton leading the way in Campaign reform that respects the environment.

For Dave Dowling is NOT chopping down a forest for electioneering signs. Nor is Dave Dowling putting up eye sore billboards filled with toxic inks and toxic glues. Nor will a forest or three be destroyed for electioneering pamphlets that end up filling up the landfills, as they leach toxic ink into the environment.  Dave Dowling is NOT fleecing the overtaxed voter for campaign contributions. Elections should not be about who raises the most money to give to the major media!
Leadership on all the issues, including Campaign reform.

Dave Dowling is all for fixing the roads, and keeping them clean in winter so they are always safe to drive and walk upon. Edmonton can do so without going $5 Billion dollars in debt so $250 million dollars of intrest can be given away to banks every year. that is money better spent on tar,  gravel, machines and labour to fix those potholed roads.

I, Dave Dowling believe other levels of government should be pitching in thier fair share when they can afford to , rather than waste those billions upon expensive white elephant projects. White elephant projects are not core services.. . core services are what municipal governments are suppose to worry about, not $500,000 floats to tour other cities parades.

Leadership is the issue, and the only place it is found is here.

If you want real leadership in the Mayor of Edmontons chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton October 15.

 pothole fixer E friendly

someone must be pretenting to be a leader in Edmonton the Capital of the Nation of Alberta.

concrete is less than a hundred dollars per 100 pounds.

labour is only $40 per hour at the most.

Tar and gravel and sand are as cheep or cheeper than concrete.

Machines are around $100 per hour to rent.

I am not sure just how an intersection can be so expensive to build, unless of course it is a white elephant intersection.
One bridge on 23 ave, going over calgary trail and the railroad tracks, and four off ramps cannot be that expensive.

The city could probably sell naming rights to 23 ave to a large multi national corporation and have them build it!

CN ave sounds good, or even Federal ave, if the feds paid for it.

I am sure poole construction could build it cheeper if 23 ave had thier name on it.

Lots of corporations would probably bid for the right to the name on all those signs.

A corporate tag built righty into the concrete could drasticly lower the cost.

And both sides of the bridge could be taged, as could the guard rails and light posts.

All of it could be sould just like the name of buildings has, so too can the names of roads.

$250,000,000.00 ($250 million dollars) for an overpass, sounds likeone heck of a scamdel where someone is trying to make sure there is a last lap dance performed at thier funeral on thier gold, diamond encrusted coffin, by the entire collection of the playboy playmates!

 For real leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

Where is the money 

A $13,000 raise would fix 1,300 potholes. a $13,000 raise would buy 13,000 macaroni and cheese dinners! $13,000 would buy 200 solar panels! $13,000 is a heck of a lot of money for a raise. $13,000 is more than what 3 single employable people would recieve on social assistance!


On the official City of Edmonton web site, they say the Municipal government act  says to quote from the City of Edmonton site “authorizes municipalities such as Edmonton to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the health, safety and wellness of its community. Citizens are encouraged to respect and comply with Edmonton’s community standards. Edmonton’s bylaws are enacted by City Council and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk. 

Yet at the web site that they are quoting from it doesn’t say anything like that! In fact:

it says in part 2 of the

The Municipal Government Act

“c) recognize that the functions of the municipality are to

    (i) provide good government,

    (ii) provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality, and

    (iii) develop and maintain safe and viable communities.”


    My questions are:
    1 how does a $13,000 raise for a Mayor “provide good government for the City of Edmonton”?
    2 How, how does a $13,000 raise “provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality”?
    3 How does the Mayor’s $13,000 raise “develop and maintain safe and viable communities” ?


    I, Dave Dowling, would have never ever let that question of a raise even come to a second motion, let alone an actual vote. I, Dave Dowling woukld quash that riase into a decrease in outragous wages and would have put that to a vote instead!

    the $13,000 RAISE! $13,000 more reasons to VOTE DAVE DOWLING for Mayor of Edmonton!



Yes, you. Statistics show that in Edmonton municipal elections less than 1/2 of the people Vote.

Is an offical link that clearly shows this is the Truth.
From that link above, only 41.79 % of the people Voted in the last municipal election.

It’s no where near the 10% of the people that voted in 1956, which was a dismal year for democracy, and it’s well below the 117% of the people that voted in 1892, over 100 years ago.

60% is a majority. In the  2004 municipal election, a Majority did not vote the mayor in. Only 40.68 % of the 41.79 % voted for the current Mayor.

That is according to the calulator at:*.4068%3D&meta=

Only 16.996104%  of the people . A bit under 17 % of the Vote is not a mandate to waste the overtaxed voters money on tax gobbling white elephant projects that do nothing for the roads of edmonton, the homeless or lowering property taxes. under 17 % of the Vote is a minority of the vote. 17 % is not an astounding majority willing the right for one to increase ones own wages by $13,000 dollars per year. nor is 17 % of the vote an overwhelming right to mis-spend the overtaxed voters dollars on putting patches on top of patches on top of patches because it is election year, so it looks as if something besides wasting  money is been done. Triple patched roads should have been repaved when they were double patched roads. Mis-spending overtaxed voters money on electioneering “road destruction” is wrong and should not have been done.

Most people Do not vote, because they see no difference between the fringe candidates that have nothing to offer but heaps of “Advertisements of Spam.” Most people do not like Spam and make jokes about it. Perhaps the spam is what drives people to not vote. In My Opinion though, that “what drives people to not vote” is no real choice on the ballot at the voting booth.

This election there is a choice and that choice is the non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, Dave Dowling.


The following link has Dave Dowling’s election Schedule, as other events arer announced, it will be added to

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