tents should be in parks

Scamdelville is another of many reasons to vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

Scamdelville is just behind the bissel center. according to the various big money media, Scamdelville is filled with about 70 tents and around 100 people.

In Scamdelville, everyone is assumed to be guilty of something, this is why scamdelville is now to be a gated community!, Yes indeed, no newcomers accepted, and a large fence is been put up around the perimiter of scamdelville. Some wonder if the fence around scamdelville will be electrified?

Scamdelville, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, since early June, is growing because no one in government cares about the residents of Scamdelville.

In scamdelville, 5 high priced security guards will be provided and paid for by the various levels of government. All that money going to out of town security, instead of going towards walls that do not flap in the winds.

Yes, in Scamdelville, jack booted security patroll the perimiter, where that fence is going, so people do not get out of scamdelville or something.

Germany had similar places in world war two. . .

 Allthough it is rumored that special identification cards are been issued to the residents of Scamdelville, I have no idea if the rumors are true that bio chips will be implanted in the forehead or right wrist of Scamdelville residents, for “keeping the residents of scamdelville safe. . . ”

Right when that first tent went up , way back in June, Scamdelville should have been tackled by government resources and solved. Now, scamdelville has become a tale of woe and horror similar to hoovervilles that spang up in america during the reign of king Hoover of america.

Yes, there is probably  $$ hundreds of thousands $$of dollars, taxpayers $$ dollars been spent on fence, labour to put that rights and freedoms stopping fence up, and lots of security personel to patrol scamdelville.

Why is all that government money been wasted on not solving the horror of scamdelville? because it is election year is why.

Now it looks like someone in government is doing something, and the big money media is swallowing it all up, and trying to make the maker of Scamdelville look like a hero for putting a fence up and issuing “special Identification cards. . . ”

Doing something would have been, getting those people in scamdelville some real help. Expensive fences are not help, neither is hired goons. 

Real help has four solid walls that do not flap in the wind, a door or two with locks, some glass windows, a roof that also does not flap in the winds, and running water, both hot and cold, and a real address with real numbers in it, instead of blueish colored tent left of center street in Scamdelville, Alberta. . .

the Mayor of Scamdelville could have invited all those residents of Scamdelville to live at city hall, untill real help is available to them. Instead, he believes an 88 million dollar art gallery ius more important.

City hall at least has running water and a roof.