The environmental friendly vote dave dowling vehicle

I , Dave Dowling know that: The roads of Edmonton can be fixed without Edmonton going massively into debt.

The overtaxed voters of Edmonton do not need to be paying 250 $ Million $$ dollars of intrest every year to do so.
That is what the minimum intrest is on a $5 Billion dollar loan at 5% intrest rates. . . every year!

A far far better paln would be to prioritize budgetary items.

For example: Instead of spending ten times what is normally spent on fixing potholes, putting patches on top of patches because it is election year, spend the nomal amount and instead put the extra spending towards repaving some main roads!

Then chop the mayors and councils wages by 1/2 and put that extra 2 million dollars per year into . . . repaving some streets! And instead of paying intrest, budget for it and put the money into the “repave the roads of Edmonton fund!

At the same time invest in paving equipment, new stuff that works, and paves the roads for cheeper.  As all kinds of machinery is used in repaving roads, Trade schools could even provide people for job training to repave the streets of Edmonton.

Going in debt and spending 250 $$ million $$ Dollars per year in intrest payments to some foreign bank is not an example of leadership out to repave the roads of Edmonton.
That example of leadership out to repave the pot holed roads of Edmonton is here on this page that you are reading on the internet at the most state of the art, top of the line, environmentally friendly campaign headquarters that there is. an example of political campaigning leadership that will probably be emulated for centuries to come!

Not only can the mayors wages be chopped, but councils wages can also be cut, as can all of thier fat cat expense accounts. As can some other things in the budget of the City of Edmonton. All those savings can go towards making the streets of Edmonton safe to drive and walk upon.

One to Two Billion dollars in a city budget is a heck of a lot of money been wasted, when the roads are not safe, the freeways are parking lots, and the tax camera is starting to tax at every intersection.

Instead of putting up four $100,000.00 tax cameras at every intersection, why not spend all that tax camera money on repaving the pot holed roads of Edmonton?

As pointed out, here, at the state of the art, top of the line, campaign headquarters, of Dave Dowling, your non-fringe candidate, standing for Mayor of Edmonton, there is lots that can be done to fix the pot holed roads of Edmonton besides going in debt to a foreign bank.